Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Quote of the day

They said Blair deserved the benefit of the doubt, back in 1997. He didn't. He was worse than anyone could have imagined.

"New Labour was a recognition that the values of enterprise and aspiration could be fused with a commitment to social justice and fairness. And the party that best exemplifies that view now is David Cameron's Conservative Party.".
Michael Gove, quoted in the Telegraph, March 2010

The warning signs are all there, from "heir to Blair" to "cast iron promises". If you support the Tories and help to put the new Blair on the throne, you will regret it.

-- Vladimir

From my very own blog's comments, as well!


Mitch said...

Well he did try to put everyone on Benefits, Perhaps that's what he meant.

Mitch said...


brown caught in public with no clothes on!!! best pic I ever saw of him.

Old Codger said...

Indeed, Dave (the very poor clone of tone) will be just as big a disaster but just might take a little longer to get there.

Gordon with a minute majority could be ideal. Dave would be gone, to be replaced, hopefully, with a real conservative. The economy will collapse pronto bringing in the iMF. It will hurt but, for once, Labour might get the blame, they will certainly be out and replaced, hopefully, by a Tory party capable and competent to. yet again, restore the country.