Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wiggy on Vince

After Wiggy's attack on Chris Mounsey, I was curious to see the destruction of St Vince the Elder. And I enjoyed it and felt it was just, because it was entirely aimed at the flip-flopping lunacy of Vince's economic pronouncements.

Would that he had accorded Chris the opportunity to defend Libertarianism, rather than his blog.


manwiddicombe said...

I watched the interview they did with the leader of the British Communist Party yesterday and it was far more deferential than the attack on DK.

Not that the BBC has a left-wing bias but .. .. ..

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I think that there's more to it than that MW. Brillo's grilling of Chris Mounsey seemed much more about discrediting him than it did about finding out what he and his party stand for. They have tried to do the same with Griffin, but it failed as he has a much bigger following. I find Brillo to be more about his own self-aggrandisement than anything else - so I don't put much store in his interviews.

Old Uncle Vince is in the now difficult position of having to put real numbers to his claims, Brillo might have been better trying to draw out some facts rather than concentrate on his own ego.

I wonder how much his cronies in westminster put him up to it?

OldSlaughter said...

Which grilling is this? not the sat down one to one, I think Hard Talk, from a few months back?

Is there a recent one? Please link.

OldSlaughter said...

er... that's what happens when I come here first!

Seen, digested, enjoyed.

J Demetriou said...

Hate to be devil's advocate here (no reference or pun intended regarding DK), but Brillo's Daily Politics had a few minutes as a slot dedicated to talking to Mounsey. He obviously felt the blog and its contents were an issue, and it's fair to say a fair number of voters out there would too.

I do think he should have looked at policy also, and the 3 mins allotted was clearly insufficient, but if you look at the chancellor debate there with Brillo and his colleague, it was a far longer and more extensive and serious type of debate.