Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The arrest of Brian Haw

Not the obvious "oh, why was he arrested, it's obviously some attempt to shut him up" point, but this:

In 2007, he won a legal battle to remain in place due to a drafting error in a new law banning unauthorised protests in Westminster.

A drafting error? Fuck Labour and their fucking useless blanket of pointless flawed laws. Dick Cleggeron should just fucking repeal EVERYTHING they introduced.

End of.


Uncle Marvo said...

I propose that we go back to the Magna Carta and start from there. Men should be in front of all motor vehicles in London with a red flag, that'll solve the traffic problem.

JuliaM said...

But without drafting errors and loopholes, how would lawyers ever manage to earn a livi...

Oh. Never mind. Forget I said anything!

Bucko said...

They should also give back all the fucking money they spent.

Kingbingo said...

If we are giving anything back it should be Scotland.

John R said...

CalMeDave wont do that - lack of cojones

Anonymous said...

Just reading about North Korea:

'The country's problems have been exacerbated by a government ordered currency revaluation in November which wiped out the savings of millions of ordinary Koreans. The official held responsible for the disastrous currency reform was executed in March.'

Gooooordon.... where are you?

Anonymous said...

(All or Nothing )
Any laws thereafter to be shuvved,
Anyone disaggreeing to be shuvved
as well.

Chat,Chats at an end

Patience has run out

Mitch said...

Old holburn.....busted.

DagenhamDave said...

I want to know why plod thought it necessary to put the peace protestor's wrists in handcuffs behind his back.

pc Delrey Smellie's a cock