Monday, 17 May 2010

Beware the social justice of a quiet man

I see Iain Cuntface Smith is in charge of welfare. Woo.

Apparently this dripping wet toilet mat is going to "reform welfare" by "flattening the marginal tax rate", doubtlessly by some other insanely complicated, intrusive and unpleasant butt-fucking. And it only reduces the marginal tax rate to 50% if it works. Oh, and cheap, too. It's only going to cost £3 billion up front to sort this out.

This bloke has a much, MUCH simpler way of sorting it out. But of course, that doesn't generate huge amounts of client state, does it?



SaltedSlug said...

And some lefty types I read were worried that IBS would rape and pillage his way through society's poor and underprivileged. Apparently he is iDave's cabinet concession to the 'right' of his party.

No, I don't see it either.

Joseph Takagi said...

He's only a concession to the Tory Taliban part of the party, the bit that's concerned with waving the flag, Christianity and "moral values".

Funny thing is that I think iDave, for all his kumbayah politics is actually giving these people more power than Thatcher or Major did.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Ta muchly for link.