Sunday, 23 May 2010

Diversity revisited

After researching my last post on diversity, I found this utterly brilliant deconstruction of diversity-chasing by Professor Jonathan Katz. It really is a masterclass in constructing a compelling case and I can't really pull out any one quote. It's all too good.

Just go and fucking read it, OK?


Ross said...

Katz is the bloke who was considered to be one of the foremost experts on oil spills by the Obama administration up until his views on 'homophobia' emerged when he was sacked.

I don't follow the line of reasoning either.

Bruce said...

Interesting views the guy's got!

No idea why his views on homophobia disqualify him from working on the gulf spill though.

thefrollickingmole said...

Just as a lark I put the words medic, cleaner and miner in the Guardian job search. Nothing for one and barely 10 for the others.

I then put in diversity.
300 plus results....

You poor pommie bastards are screwed arent you??

Mitch said...

Try putting manufacturing jobs in the gruniards search engine.... nothing!