Thursday, 13 May 2010

I wonder how long it's going to be before the wheels come off?

So, iDave has cobbled together a coalition, him and Nick are having sticky biscuits for breakfast, Vince Cable is safely out of harm's way, some liberal bloggers are very happy -- and some social democrats aren't.

And as for me? Well, I'm obviously pleased that one-eyed son of a bitch has gone as leader of the country, displaying his Prime Mentalist pus and poison for all to see one last time, although I'm slightly less thrilled to see that he's still going to be taking money off me. Mind you, I think it's fantastic that he's going to sit on the back benches dripping poison onto every move the new Labour leader makes. He will continue to divide the Labour Party far better than the Tories ever could.

But how do I feel about the new "leadership"? To be fair, in what they have announced in terms of things that will be shitcanned, I'm very happy. All sorts of neo-Stasi projects shitcanned and the Great Repeal Bill hasn't even been cracked open. So hopefully, more shit will go. That's all very good.

If it actually happens, of course.

It's what they haven't announced that sets my pucker flapping. The elephant in the room that they haven't said a word about yet, is the economy. What's going to happen here is going to make the cuntry collectively shit itself. I don't think Osborn's got the stones or the nous to do some really savage cutting for fear of upsetting the fragile coalition too much. Which means only one thing, folks: drop your trousers, lube up, and grab your ankles. Tax rises are imminent. And we're not talking about a penny in the pound here. This is really, really going to hurt.

Gordon Brown must be pissing himself at having gotten out at the very last moment before the shit really hits the fan. And to think, the fat fuck will be sitting on the opposition benches jeering at how the Tories and Lib Dems are killing the country.

Truly, there is no justice in the world.


Uncle Marvo said...

Anyone with a brain knows that to sort this economy out is going to hurt.

What nobody knows, yet, not even Foggy and Clegg, is how fucking BAD it is.

It is going to be grim.

How did you get to the top ten bloggers thing writing shit like that, anyway?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Easy. I didn't! :op

BTS said...

Belated shit, at that..

Kingbingo said...

In other words Ob is actually cautiously optimistic. He just can't say that without without getting his rancid old cock out and pissing straight at the government from habit.

Roger Thornhill said...

If the Condemodivs don't rip Brown a new one every time he opens his flabby chops, they don't deserve to be in power.

I totally agree Obo, the economy is STILL not being dealt with.

Cable thinks he is the hard man of "drastic cuts", but I know he will get wibbly once we get the in-denial rabble-rousing trots out moaning on the streets that their supply of other people's money is in any way threatened.

The entire Labour apparatus will be there basically LYING. Bare faced. Through, past, above, below and from within their teeth.

The Condemodivs should use this honeymoon period to lay down the reality, to gird their loins, to flush out the waiverers down the u-bend they belong and speak of significant cuts, £160bln's worth, mate, thats what we need.

Balance the budget NOW.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The audience say months.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Re what Roger says, if you get out a calculator, add together all the nurses, coppers, prison officers, teachers, doctors, soldiers etc and then multiply it up by their salaries, you get to about £60 billion a year, which is about one-tenth of what the government is currently spending. So much to 'frontline services'

Bung on £150 billion for a halway decent Citizen's Income/Citizen's Pension scheme; £50 billion for interest and debt repayments and £40 billion for general overheads, and that's still less than half of what the government is currently spending.

Catosays said...

I know it's a rather passe comment but: Rome was not built...etc.

Jesus Christ you lot expect bloody miracles from people who don't yet know how to perform them.

As others said, this is going to hurt but it's a price worth paying to have got rid of the one-eyed Mong.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Abolish quangos, bring our troops back, get out of the EU. Simples. In fact, so simples that they just won't do it.

Pooky said...

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


microdave said...

Once they've got their "fixed term" parliament organised, the wheels can't fall off.....

Runflat, anyone?

And I thought Gordo had resigned as an MP as well?

Jill said...

FYI - the items for the Great Repeal/Freedom Bill are in the detailed coalition document. It's downloadable from the Tory website. It's not that great at a quick look and I think the original Lib Dem one had more on it - but I am old, haggard and senile and may be wrong about that. Anyway, it's not great but it's something.

I'm still left shouting 'what about habeas corpus' though.

Anonymous said...

Audit the books, define the true size of the problem, add in the PFI liabilities and the pension black hole.

Stand up in Parliament and announce to the world on TV, the size of the problem and the "austerity" actions that we have to take over a sensible timescale.

Compare them to the Greece / Spain / Romania / Ireland / Portugal etc measures. Hold nothing back. Invite Labour to refute the facts. If the public are still too thick or in denial to appreciate the deep shit we are in, resign and call another election.

gulizi said...

If zanu had won the cuts would have happened anyway. If they didn't do them the IMF would have made them. So lets just learn to live with it. besides, we've all had a ball the past 13 years. House prices up, BMW's to drive, Sony tellys to watch. So we get a few years of austerity. Big deal. What a fucking ride....

Tom Harrington said...

Even the Treasury admits that the total amount of public debt is expected to almost double in the space of 60 months from around £775 billion at present to £1.4 trillion.

That was based on Labour's growth forecasts for the economy which are far beyond those of other economists. The outturn is likely to be even worse.

The Bank for International Settlements produced a paper a couple of weeks ago, outlining what's likely to happen to government debt across the major economies in the next thirty years. It presents a terrible picture of what lies ahead for the UK, strongly suggesting that for us there is no escape.

Either debt soars to around 300% of GDP over the next 30 years (the markets would probably revolt long before that point) or governments have to run large budget surpluses for 20 years, just to get back to 2007 levels of debt, a level or restraint politicians will never show.

I doubt that ballot boxes will allow the kind of cuts that are necessary, particularly because it's age-related spending that will be the burden over the coming years, so politicians may try to spark mass inflation instead.

It's appalling but wonderful at the same time. The social democratic settlement is likely to implode before our very eyes over the coming years. I intend to enjoy the spectacle.

J Demetriou said...

social democrat he calls me. Hardy-har-har-fucking-ha

The Rt (dis)Hon Gordon Brown said...

"... and that's still less than half of what the government is currently spending."

Then there's my expenses and pension.

Oh! Did I just say that out loud?