Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I've been following the saga of the "minge beaver*'s" travails with the immigration system and her husband's equally impassioned rants.

And it seems that both in the historically-tolerant-UK and the entirely-built-on-immigration-USA, the issue of immigration is a hot one right now. Oddly enough, the Americans don't seem to be using the old canard of "they're taking our jobs".

I always laugh at the British and their pathetic bleating about foreigners coming here to take their jobs: dole-bludgers don't even try and get jobs, they're too fucking comfortable drinking White Lightning and smoking dope on the taxpayer's dime.

The job's not there on your terms, you indolent buttfuck, it's on the mutually beneficial terms of the agreement. If you can't find a job that will pay £100,000 a year for scratching your balls and farting (the only talent some of these dregs display) then maybe you need to revise your expectations.

The Americans are at least more honest about the real problem. They have no issue with immigrants coming over and taking jobs, because mostly they're taking shit jobs that most people don't want to do (the same sort of shitty jobs that people do in startup factories in Outer Cuntistan, but for better wages.)

What Septics admit and the Brits won't is that the real issue is welfare. US welfare spending dwarfs UK welfare spending, both in absolute terms (obviously) but also, and rather more surprisingly, in per capita terms. As far as I can tell, anyway. The British budget is nowhere analysed quite so intuitively as the American one. As far as I can make out, however, the US total welfare spend per capita is higher that the UK by about $4000 a year, and even health welfare spending in the eeeeevil capitalist US is higher per capita than what we spend on the NHS.

Anyway, the point is this: nobody really gives a flying fuck about anyone coming here, earning a wage, renting a house, paying taxes and living their life in the UK. What fucks everyone off is the idea that people can barge in, demand "benefits" and housing and get shoved to the front of the queue because they're some minority.

I get fucked off with the idea that I'm paying for any fucker, I don't care if he's a 16th-generation Aryan that Nick Griffin would fellate or a dusky foreigner who can't spikka da Eeeengleeesh. I detest the fact that they can't be arsed to make an effort. I detest the fact that the government has devised a tax system that means even if they can be arsed to make the effort, it's not worth doing.

But I suspect the idea that someone who's just arrived going to the front of the queue just fucks off the British with their passion for orderly queueing.

Fuck. This was all so simple when I started out. I guess the point I'm trying to make is that no-one objects to people coming to Britain and doing the shitty jobs that we don't want to, or highly skilled people coming here and adding immense value to our economy. What we don't like is paying for hordes of scroungers, who seem to be able to push to the front of the queue with impunity.

Make it easier for people to earn a living and get off the dole, make the dole serve its intended purpose and stop making it a career option for the feckless and the lazy and you can pretty much open the borders with no concerns.

*It's a long story


Bristol Dave said...

If this was B3ta, I'd be clicking pretty fucking hard right now.

Top marks, clown.

Oleuanna said...


'Make it easier for people to earn a living and get off the dole, make the dole serve its intended purpose and stop making it a career option for the feckless and the lazy and you can pretty much open the borders with no concerns'

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Well, yes. This is it in a nutshell. It's when a person (from anywhere, UK or abroad) is penalized for working and better off on benefits, that they become mentally affected and workshy. I know plenty. Chop the benefits and everybody has to work. Those who want a free ride go elsewhere.

What's with tax credits? You cripple a nation with tax, but then say, oh but you can get tax credits...huh?

No wonder we're up the shitter.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Exactly. To the extent we have benefits (and I think we should)

a) make them flat rate, universal and non-means tested, enough to prevent people starving but not enough to discourage work (I've no idea what the 'ideal' figure is).

b) Make Johnny Foreigner wait a good few years after arriving before he gets a sniff.

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing the British hate more than being accused of racism. And thats foreigners!

John Pickworth said...

Agree totally Mr Clown.

The problem has never been the fault of the foreigners that come here... its ours. We've created a system that rewards both immigrant and local for little effort on their part.

If Nigeria we're to hand out quick and easy benefits of say, oh £50k per year, it wouldn't be too long before you'd hear the accents of Geordies or Scousers around the streets of Lagos. Nor could you blame them.

Vox said...

One minor point. Can't vouch for Scousers, but I think you'll find the vast majority of Geordies actually work. I'll go as far to say it's one of the few places where I see the highest proportion of new cars and new build homes in the country.

Since living in London for the past 20 years, I would propose that the vast majority of scroungers live within the M25.

John Pickworth said...

Point taken Vox.

Said accents used to illustrate argument. Will ask Boris Johnson to apologise on my behalf next time he visits Merseyside and Tyneside.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Vox, they may be employed, but if they're employed in Tyneside, they're more than likely employed by the government, so they're still living off our largesse.