Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The "New Politics"

Well, isn't this a bargain?

iDave showed that he can be bounced into grabbing his ankles if you threaten him with losing his turn at the top table. Labour played a blinder out of a very weak hand, probably fucking the Tories more than if they'd actually won. And the beardy weirdies showed themselves to be venal cunts who would sell their grandmothers for a chance to wield some real power.

Yeah, much better than that corrupt, venal, mendacious "old politics".



J Demetriou said...

Who did you vote for again, Obo?

Mitch said...

I liked idaves tribute to the maximum imbecile "I`d like to thank him for his long service" and that was it.

Fuck em all but its good to see him gone.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

@mitch: "the maximum imbecile" - I like that, I like that a lot! :o)

@JD: I voted outside the "big three." Fortunately, the BNP happened to be standing in my constituency... :o>