Tuesday, 25 May 2010

So, who's correct then?

The blogosphere, twatterverse and media are all agog with an exciting new prospect: that the Lib-Con Coalition be made a permanent feature of British politics, either by some kind of agreement or by a permanent merger of the parties. Just six months ago, even just three months ago, the idea would have been completely and utterly preposterous. Yet here we are, and rumours are flying thick and fast.

But to a libertarian, the idea is not preposterous at all. To a libertarian, most of the other political parties look like a spectrum of a single social democratic party. There are no fundamental differences in their "common orthodoxy". The ease with which Labour appropriated "Conservative" policies and the ease with which the "Liberals" merged seamlessly with the "Conservatives" shows that there is no real difference between them. You might as well vote by flipping a coin, or stick to your ludicrous tribal loyalties or read the entrails of goat for all the difference it makes.

The rhetoric of the politicians notwithstanding, there isn't a difference between them. I wonder how long it will take for the electorate to suss out the scam?

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Anonymous said...

Of course there's a difference! Labour are for the poor working class people, while the Tories are for the rich!

OMG how can you be a political blogger and not know that??!!!

Hehe ;)