Saturday, 12 June 2010


Is it just me, or is there nothing really worth blogging about?

Dick Cleggeron and the Limp-CUNTs are just the same as New Labour, nothing is happening, lots of talking is going on but I just don't care. I really couldn't give two flying fucks about the World Cup.

I think I'm going to exercise my penis extension.


Anonymous said...

What a cheering thought.

Mr Civil Libertarian said...

There's absolutely fuck all worth writing about, but plenty of "small" stories, such as Caroline Lucas being awarded "Ethical politician 2010".

As per Sod's Law, I suddenly have motivation to right again. Now. FUCK.

Mark Wadsworth said...

We can always point out that the Lib-Cons are pretty much like Labour, i.e. repost the same articles again but just change the names of the guilty parties.

Barking Spider said...

Bugger all worth writing about - the newspapers are all running the same stories for days on end, too.

microdave said...

Now I know why you were going to vote Labour - you could see this coming, and wanted to be sure of a ready supply of blogging material.

Never mind, give them a few months, and the wheels will start falling off...

John Demetriou said...

I'd exercise your penis extension - in and out of my arsehole over and over again until we both shudder with orgasmic pleasure and scream each others' names, as a tingling sensation pulses through our penis heads and our body.

Warsteiner said...

@ John Demetriou


What has been read cannot be unread

All Seeing Eye said...


Quickly, Matron...the mind bleach!

J Demetriou said...

The poster at 14:44 is not me.


Pathetic. Obo, you have comment moderation, how about fucking putting it to good use, fuck sake.

John Demetriou said...

All Seeing Eye - your eye won't be seeing much as my semen blinds you. You can use my semen as mind bleach: I'll just cum into your ear?

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...


Ah, yes....light dawns now. I have been also imitated by a similar troll.

For a moment there, I thought you and Mr Clown were erm...well, you know...

cortrun said...

Ah, you catching naked Office too then.

Caratacus said...

Those silly fat bastards at Westminster are about to lead us into the worst recession since Leatherarse died and there's nothing to write about.

Gordon's in his bunker with a bag of Wotsits and an orange willy and there's nothing worth writing about.

Never mind Cameron's "Ecclestone Moment" is just around the corner and you'll all be able to fill your boots then!

bayard said...

WTF is "Leatherarse"?

Caratacus said...

One of Larry Grayson's BESTEST chums.

It's that long ago.

Mitch said...

I`d wave the penis extension about while you have a job to run it with.

Miss E. J. Frogster said...

Urrrrrmmmmm have some angels
This is my song 'Gordon Brown be my Angel' (lyrics annotated) (BETTER SOUND QUALITY)

Brahms Lullaby

Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
Will you be my angel?
Guardian angel is what I meant
Will you rescue my soul?

For you are in charge
Of these people I wrote to
Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
Let me place my trust in you

Gordon Brown! MP’s!
Let me sing out loud
For what you do, for my country
For my reproductive system

You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
I am desperate for you
Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
I’m a violated woman

Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
Help me sleep like a baby
Will my babies ever come out?
Maternal desires!
I lost my womanhood
In a sinister curse
Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
You are perfect for that!

microdave said...

"I`d wave the penis extension about while you have a job to run it with."

And there's still some fuel to power it with...

Tom the Peeper said...

Personally I like the new JD. He seems far more pleasant the the old one, and talks more sense too.