Thursday, 24 June 2010

Heathrow again

I fucking hate this place. Made a bit more bearable by the first-class lounge, though.


Oleuanna said...

Please be sure to inform us when you take a shit......and what you eat and which male stewardess offered you a reach around.... We want to hear EVERYTHING...

Guthrum said...

Love it ;-) I'm travelling First Class

Mitch said...

So where are we going then ? Or do you clean airport lounges.
Do a good job cos I'm off to Cyprus soon.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I find a regular helping of jammy donuts helps.

wv: bores

Anonymous said...

Dublin Airport is my guess. Didn't realise ryanair did first class.
I saw a clown in Dublin Airport today it had to be you.

Anonymous said...

Think yourself lucky you are not on chicken or cheese airlines (KLM) in the dafty class and arrive in munich to be strip searched by two young zoll beamters because i beat some german cunt up in a pub two years prior!
They twatted thier rubber gloves asked me to bend over and saw what i´d had for breakfast?
The lads from the digs paid the fine!
Never fucking fly agian