Sunday, 13 June 2010

How very colonial

Everywhere I go, I see people bitching about the "vuvuzela" and the noise it makes. It looks to me like a bunch of people are moaning about how another culture supports their sport.

Suck it up, you multi-culti wittering clits: this is how South Africans behave in their own country.

Their gaff, their rules.


BenS said...

Their gaff their rules, sure, but vuvuzelas still sound fucking awful and ruin the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

correct mate so fucking what?
Hard core sirens and whistle posse fucking blow

RantinRab said...

Note to South Africans,

Honk if you have AIDS.

Ray said...

Depends if someone is calling for it (the vuvu-thingy) to be banned. That isn't on. However, expressing the fact that one doesn't like the noise is fair enough.

Or are you offended by people expressing their opinion?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Yep, they're calling for it to be banned.

Ray said...

Gah OK. Just not going to SA for sporting events is a more reasonable response. Meanwhile mute the sound (this has the added benefit of silencing the commentary too).

RantinRab said...

The SA gummint encourage it's use in order to drown out the sound of gunshots and police sirens outside of the stadia.

Personally, it's bloody annoying and ruins my enjoyment of the footie. Calling for a 'ban' is fucking ridiculous though.

If anything needs banning, it's the cunting fucktard commentators who cannot go for five minutes without mentioning 1966. It was fucking 44 years ago and you have won fuck all since.

Ruda Malpa said...

I used to go and watch Pompey & sometimes was lucky enough to get into the Fratton End. They had a little 'band' there & it certainly added to the atmosphere. The most obvious of the instruments was the big bass drum which would thump along to regular chants of 'Graham Rix's Blue Army' which we all enjoyed. However, if every fucker in the stadium had a bass drum & thumped on it constantly all through the game drowning out any chanting or sing-songs and gave everyone a fucking headache, well .... I think you get my point.

Ross said...

I watched 'Zulu' yesterday and I reckon the colonial approach is the only way to deal with South Africa.

Gun beats spear, it also beat vuvuzela.

Quiet_Man said...

It's a seriously annoying noise and ruins the atmosphere. Apparently it's fairly recent (last 9 years or so since they started)
Ban it?

Normally I'd say no, but in this case I'm being a selfish bastard and saying hell yes.

SpiteK said...

"Their gaff, their rules." Quoth BenS, but the point is, it's not just about them. If it was domestic games, then fine, but this is a fucking WORLD event, and the dumb cunts with their constant BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ are fucking up everyone elses enjoyment. So fuck 'em, ban the cunting things.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"Depends if someone is calling for it (the vuvu-thingy) to be banned. That isn't on. However, expressing the fact that one doesn't like the noise is fair enough."

On the button, Ray. The bloody things are annoying and I jokingly supported them being banned at Mark Wadsworth's last night.

Now they're actually talking about such a ban, it's not funny anymore.

Leave 'em be.

J Demetriou said...

This is difficult, and I'm not just being a bit awkward because of my historical run-ins with Obo re: "my land, my rules".

One the one hand, he is right about it being a SA thing and it being something done in a foreign country, to which visitors should bestow respect and acceptance. He is also right about being consistent on 'multi culti' as he dodgily calls it.

But...millions upon millions tune into those games, and that noise is undoubtedly, unargably, fucking awful.

It is essentially 90 minutes of listening to a monotonous giant bee invasion. It's mildly upsetting and if they are to be said to deserve to host this world event, they should pay heed to what the punters watching want.

And do they want to listen to that fucking sick racket 90 minutes for every fucking game in the contest?

You'd have to be a fucking loser to blow one of those non stop for the entirity of a match. What is wrong with people?

Ban it? Well, if the organisers merely listen to the market and adjust the rules, surely that DOES count as a form of "my place my rules". No?

(side note to Obo: your troll is back if you hadn't noticed)

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Well ... it's a bit fucking late now.

And since I hate soccer, and I hate this enormous wankfest called the World Cup, I can't tell you how much pleasure the vuvuzela is giving me by fucking it up for everyone else.

As oleuanna might say:


Anonymous said...

You make it sound like it dates back to some cultural heritage.

As for it not being on. This isn't fucking Magna Carta. It is an international sports competition. They can ban whatever they like.

It sounds horrible and kills the4 atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

fuck off greeky and so fucking what ?
i shit the same colour turds as the lot of you!
What´s definition of a libertarian?
(but good)SHITE
As goes for trolling

Willy said...

Forget the noise.

South Africa is burdened by one of the worst tuberculosis epidemics in the world.

All that spit coming out of the 'noisy end' of thousands of vuvuzelas, in such a confined space.....

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

I'm with the Clown on this one - anything that cunts up a football game will do for me.

Jill said...

I honestly hadn't even noticed it until people started complaining.

Kingbingo said...

I live in South London and while I’m not prejudice against the diversity element around here, I also know that a good number are loud ignorant aggressive and selfish, it’s just a verifiable fact. As a result I just avoid them. I don’t associate with them; I don’t go to the places they frequent. What I certainly don’t do is spend my free time in a country surrounded by millions of them. Because I know I would full on fucking hate it.

Complaining about how in-your-face aggressively loudly annoying inconsiderate and generally fucking awful it is in south Africa, is a bit like going to Greenland and complaining about the cold. What the fuck did you expect??

If people are upset about the way these lot behave, fucking tough, take a drive through south London sometime, welcome to my world. You might as well try and teach a dog table manners as make these lot act like Mr Darcy.

J Demetriou said...

I don't know what I think on this subject.

If you disagree with me, you are a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of colonialism, did you notice this, Obo? What's the betting that our "brave boys and girls" won't be coming home any time soon, after all?

Anonymous said...

I heard one of those bad taste jokes about this today, I'm afraid it did make me chuckle.

If you're wondering what is making all that noise during world cup matches...

They're called niggers.

J Demetriou said...


Are you going to do anything about the sock puppet troll who pretends to be me on here?

You seem to act against the "looks like you, obo" troll, but not this one.

I take it this is a personal slight against me, your failure to screen this nonsense.

The Grim Reaper said...

You'd better be careful, Obo. Demetriou's not a man to upset. Just ask him about his various hissy fits about Old Holborn.

He'll be publishing posts on his blog soon about your tolerance of "sock-puppetry". He's essentially turning into Tim Ireland Mark II.

One of the miserable cunt is enough, frankly.

Anonymous said...

Hark? Is that the shrill warbling of the Lesser Demetriou calling for censorship - sorry 'screening' - of comments on your blog?
I'm sure I remember him having a nine month hissy fit when I 'screened' his offensive comments on my blog for the benefit of all my readers who were bored to tears with him - and equally sure he referred to that as 'censorship' rather than screening.
What a hypocrite.