Tuesday, 1 June 2010

On the Breaking of Laws

Sad to say, I was quite impressed with David Laws. He seemed to have a bit of an appetite for the job and he seemed to be getting on with it. So I was more disappointed than usual to find he'd been on the trough. But two things really bothered me about his falling on the non-pork sword:

His "apology": it was a real politician's apology, full of weasel words and empty of genuine remorse.

His playing of the pink joker: for someone who wanted to protect his sexuality, he certainly didn't mince (ho! ho!) his words.

Personally, I couldn't give a flying fuck about whether he was a poof or a goat-fucker, if he could do the job, he could do the job. However, he was caught with his fingers in the till and now he's gone.

To Charlotte Gore and to Labour MP Chris "Underpants" Bryant, both of whom have written excellent pieces about the difficulty of coming out I say this: it is sad that some people still find it difficult to come out and I am pleased that people are not vilified for being gay. But this was not about being gay.

This was about wrongly taking money from the taxpayer and I don't care if you're straight, gay, white or a transgender lesbian one-legged black ho: taking money from the taxpayer that you're not supposed to is fucking wrong. So, Mr Laws, I'm going to give you full marks for actually going, but nul points for the manner of your departure.

On the other hand, Iain Dale's ludicrous appearance on Sky News was almost enough to turn me ... into a queer-basher. What a load of old cock he dribbled.

And to the Cleggeron, I would also say this:

Cameron and Clegg both failed to apply rigour in vetting. Each appointment should have been preceded by a process of full discovery and disclosure.

For a start, it’s no big deal to work out what candidates’ potential exposure to the expenses scandal is, without even asking them.

Secondly, if Laws was asked if there was anything Clegg/Cameron should know, and he didn’t disclose at least his expenses exposure, and preferably his other skeletons, then he should not only lose his post in government, he should trigger a by-election and let his constituents decide.

We've given you every fucking chance not to screw the pooch. We wanted this to succeed. But thanks to your fucking do-nothing, don't-rock-the-boat handling of the expenses fuckup, here we fucking are again.

You just know that the Cleggeron's failure to really grasp the expenses nettle is going to keep biting the coalition in the arse. And at some point, people are going to forget that Labour were just as guilty (or even more so!)

My best guess is that Danny Alexander is the only candidate they could find who had the proverbial clean nose. How fucking sad is that?

And then, of course, there's this.

Meet the New Politics, completely different from the Old Politics.

Oh yes.


Blind Pugh said...

I don't think Danny Alexander has a clean nose. It looks like his snout was deeply in the expenses trough to enable him to switch residences and avoid capital gains tax. It's the same old same old. The cunts will continue to skim, gouge, fleece, defraud, shaft and generally take the electorate for a ride while claiming the moral high ground they can barely see from the pit of depravity they live in. These cunts are laughing at us - all the way to the bank.

TDK said...

Of course they must reappoint Laws. There are only so many Liberal MPs, and once you eliminate the cranks and conspiracy theorists there aren't many eligible candidates. Fiddling expenses claims isn't a crime in the eyes of MPs,

Idle Pen Pusher said...

I agree.