Monday, 28 June 2010

Only if you're not a social democrat

In the Speccie, a director of Reform wrote:

... there is a right and a wrong way to cut the deficit. It would be right to cut spending by addressing the structural causes of the deficit - i.e. public sector inefficiency and the UK's unwillingness to cut its pensions and health entitlements. It would be wrong to leave the shape of public services and welfare unchanged, but limit their costs temporarily – “salami slice” – with public sector pay freezes for instance.

Today George Osborne opted for the slice: a two year freeze in public sector pay (rather than linking pay with performance), a three year freeze in child benefit (rather than withdrawing it from middle and high earners), a slightly lower rate of increase of benefits and a slightly lower rate of increase of tax thresholds. The general sense was that his ambitions for government were similar to that of the last administration. That sense was reinforced by his last two measures. Increasing the state pension in line with earnings suggests that Britons should look first to the government for support in retirement (as well as increasing the cost of already unaffordable pension commitments). Increasing benefits for people on low incomes with children suggests that redistribution is still the right answer to poverty, as against other ideas such as education reform.

Well, you'd only disagree with Gideon if you weren't a social democrat. But since iDave is a red in tooth and claw and he's in bed with with what is left of the Social Democratic Party, what did you think was going to happen?

A massive rebalancing of the relationship between the state and the people?

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kitler said...

If they simply abolished fuel duty on the grounds that financially punishing people for going to work is insane, then the impact would be astounding and they'd probably make more from the VAT rise than they will at present.

People spend more when they have more, so you'd get 20% of a lot more than they will get at present.

A socialist thinker could never understand this but they could write a 700 page discourse explaining why it was wrong.