Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Shopping for others

Oh, how I laughed:

Josh and the boys, it turns out, are intent upon "Shopping for Others." Max and I watch in disbelief as they spend an hour or so happily putting things into the shopping trolleys of complete strangers when they aren't looking. We don't know where to look when an elderly spinster heads for the checkouts with twenty packets of condoms and some Durex Play gel in hers, and a butch body-builder type looks puzzled at finding lipstick, eye shadow and tampons in his. The most stressful moment comes when I notice a large leg of pork being covertly added to the contents of a trolley belonging to a hijab-clad middle-aged woman, at which point Max decides enough is enough and calls a halt.


John R said...

I guess this is what passes for humour in NuLieBore land.

Anonymous said...

Would be hard to match the sheer inventiveness of the wit demonstrated by the phrase NuLieBore. Not.

John R said...

Pierced to the core by your harsh invective. Not.