Sunday, 13 June 2010

@twitter #isuptheshitter

Christ, you can't even log in.

Let me guess: no fucker at Twitter knew about the World Cup?



TheBigYin said...

Yup, same problem here, too many subscribers tweeting their hearts out.

Ray said...

1) Twitter is much more popular than their owners expected it to be, and thus is expanding in userbase faster than they can cope with.

2) Twitter is losing money hand over fist, as they have no monetization, and indeed are finding it tricky to work out how to monetize it.

3) Venture and Angel capital is very hard to find in the current economic situation, and an IPO would be tricky (to say the least) for all these reasons.

4) Even if say Google or Facebook wanted to buy them out I doubt if the terms would be as good as the founders of Twitter would like.

5) Even if they solved the above problems pure cashflow and tricky credit for businesses these days would mean they couldn't get more servers (and they need a lot more, and more bandwidth (not just data transfer though they probably need that too)) quickly.

Thus, TwitterIsUpTheShitter on a regular basis. (WV farti)