Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Chop CEOP?

I see some bunch of dickwad prodnoses has made the news:

A REPORT BUTTON is now available on Facebook for teenagers after the social notworking outfit capitulated due to nine months of pressure that included a vociferous campaign on its own website.

The situation started to heat up for Mark Zuckerberg's site in November last year when the UK's Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) started calling for Facebook, and Myspace, to adopt a button after Bebo did, that would let children report contact from suspected dangerous individuals. In April Facebook told CEOP that it could not come to an agreement to adopt or test the adoption of the report button.

In response to this, the campaign page eventually had over 3,500 members and CEOP said that it also had the support of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Childline, Beatbullying and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Woo. What a fucking recommendation. The NSPCC, Childline, Beatbullying AND the ACPO? Every single one of those organisations is brimful of bossy, know-it-all cunts and if I was king for a day, every single fucking one of them would be burned down and the earth they walked on salted. Plus, their heads would be cut off and a stake driven through their hearts.

Just to be on the safe side.

There's something about CEOP that leaves me feeling very uncomfortable. It's not just that they appear to be the paramilitary wing of the NSPCC, an organisation that I would cheerfully douse with petrol if they went up in flames. I can't find any evidence of their funding, but the whole outfit screams "fakecharity".

They brag about having "safeguarded" 624 children over the last 4 years. What does that mean? The website talks about 47 specific cases where "intensive image analysis" resulted in kids being identified and somehow rescued.

I realise this is going to sound incredibly callous, especially coming from a parent who loves his kid and is horrendously protective, but how much does this little-known bunch of media whores actually cost us? I mean, they're basically bullying social media outfits into giving them free advertising by placing a fucking logo for free on every page. Their website has a whole swathe of professionally produced video clippage available to increase their profile. PDFs of pointless "scoping studies" and vaguely alarming assertions are blandly made. All very professionally produced with your money and mine.

If this wasn't all sitting in .gov.uk and .police.uk domains, I'd swear it was just another thieving quango pissing our money away on overpaid ex-policemen and other assorted oxygen thieves.

Do we really need another "partnership network" of 46,000 people to tell us that sometimes shit can happen on the internet? Is there really that much paedogeddon going on that Bebo, MySpace and Facebook all have to have a panic button?

There's a much better way of controlling what happens to kids on the internet, it's much more comprehensive and much safer. It doesn't require giving yet another bunch of hectoring prodnoses moral authority over our every move.

How about parents take responsibility for their kids and what they get up to online?

Simple. Doesn't cost the taxpayer shit. Helps build the family's relationships.

Plus, it gets to keep another bunch of self-aggrandizing media whores out of a job.

The fucking cunts.


The Penguin said...

All the quangos and fake charities need to be buried with quick-lime. Then nuke the area.

The Penguin

George said...

conversation with my 8yr old.
Son: Dad can I go on Facebook.
Me: No
Son: Why
Me: cause its shit

Simple really.

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding rant!

microdave said...

George's comment is good, but the problem with letting parents do the monitoring is that most of them are nowhere near as well clued up as the kids.

Or more specifically, the kids might be extremely naive on the ways of the world, but their technical ability is usually much better, so banning them from Facebook at home won't stop them using it elsewhere...

Pogo said...

Jim Gamble is Chief Executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre and brings with him over 25 years in UK policing...

Isn't he the cunt who was in charge of "Operation Ore" - the massive swoop on the named holders of hundreds of UK credit cards that had been used on a kiddy porn site?

Unlike the FBI - who'd eliminated most of the names in the US list, as the cards had been proveably stolen or cloned and took into consideration the apparent fact that much of the money going through the site was being laundered and was absolutely nothing to do with the putative card holders - Gamble's "Team" just went ahead and arrested everybody on the UK list, with great publicity.

Net result, thousands of innocent men had their reputations destroyed, 40+ suicides etc. Gamble later heavily criticised by the IPCC. See http://www.pcpro.co.uk/features/74690/operation-ore-exposed for more details.

Just the bloke to be running such an "upright and respectable" organisation.

I get the distinct impression that paedophiles are the 21st Century equivalent of witches.

Roger Thornhill said...

If CEOP did not stop screaming they would not get this and if they did not get this their whole purpose for existing would fade.

Facebook is a coward. They have thrown a chicken to the croc hoping the croc won't eat them. Fools - the croc is stronger and will never give up.

Whatever planet CEOP is from, it should nuked from orbit. It is the only way.

No computer, or TV for that matter, shall be permitted in my kids bedrooms.

AntiCitizenOne said...

Meanwhile the Obama regime lets a known paedophile walk by not working with the Swiss.

It's like they want to look like they're doing something, but in reality aren't.

Jill said...

Presumably, then, if they have a panic button, they won't arrange to meet up with homicidal axe-wielding paedo (as the poor wee girl did last year) - they'll push the panic button instead?

There seems to be a step or two missing from that logical process.

Facebook is *such* a horrible place though, non?

JuliaM said...

"Isn't he the cunt who was in charge of "Operation Ore"..."

The very same! Did well out of it, didn't he?

Still, it's for the chiiiiiilllldren!

Anonymous said...

Ceop is funded by the Home Office (via SOCA) it costs over 90 mill a year plus it sells copies of its child porn database (Childbase) for around 18 mill a year (according to its partners Siebe's accounts). It is composed of ex coppers and a whole slew of fake charidee workers (all of the ones named plus some) who spent all day looking at child porn looking for clues as to the origin of the kids (99.99% of which are in Asia) it now has a remit (thanks to Nu Labs penultimate Justice act) to look for extreme porn (it was Gamble that lobbied hardest for this law) plus old copies of the Beano (which is now classified as child porn thanks to the coroner's act). Gamble was the one who leaked the details of the Republican sympathizers to prod paramilitary hit squads in Ulster (the man himself is a hard core 'chapel' protestant) when he was in charge of counter terrorism in NI. A thoroughly unpleasant man and a serial liar.

David Gillies said...

Obo, I frankly think this over-reaction is an attack on the legitimate concerns of vulnerable people like me so i have reported this post to Emily's List, the Brady Campaign and Preserve Blackcurrant Tango.