Thursday, 8 July 2010

The end of the war on the motorist

I distinctly remember iDave promising this, to great cheer and delight. So what was the first thing these cunts did for the motorist? Yes, that's right, they tried to introduce a blanket 20MPH limit in built-up areas. So it was left to the useless fucking civil service to finally grow a set and tell Norman "Twat" Baker to fuck the fucking fuck off:

Calls by parliamentary under-secretary of state for transport Norman Baker to reduce all urban speed limits to 20mph on safety grounds have been dismissed by his own department.

Baker was quoted in the national press saying that ownership of urban roads should be 'shared by motorists, cyclists and pedestrians'. He cited studies and test schemes which had seen significant reductions in pedestrians and cyclist casualties who are hit at 20mph are less likely to be killed than at 30mph.

However a spokeswoman for the Department for Transport said there were no plans to change the 30 mph default speed limit.

"To do so would have huge resource implications and place additional burdens on local authorities who are already free to implement 20mph limits where they decide it is appropriate," she added.

Can I just add a message of my own to Norman "Twat" Baker here?

Norm: go fucking fuck yourself, and then fuck the fucking fuck off. You fucking fuck.


JuliaM said...


Today seems to be a good day to spot stories that prove the 'Meet the new boss, same as the old boss' theory, and so far, I've only read the free 'Metro'!

microdave said...

I think it might time to place a bet on when the "Man walking in front, carrying a Red flag" regulation will be re-introduced...

Lexander said...

The war on the fucking motorist is just starting. Speed is the biggest bane in this country (apart from Lord fatguts Hull). Bring back the horse and fart I say.