Monday, 19 July 2010

Gove fuck yourself

I see Mr Gove is trying to use New Labourish tactics to ram his schools policy through Parliament.

Now, I quite like Mr Gove's policy and I quite want to see it implemented unchanged as quickly as possible. But rather more, I'd like to see Parliament doing its fucking job and things to be properly debated.

So stop behaving like a New Labour thug, Mr Gove and start behaving like a parliamentarian.

Don't be a fucking cunt all your life.


Caratacus said...

With you on that Obno. There's much to recommend in the policy, but Gove seems to be full of piss, wind and his own importance. Shame.

Andrew said...

If they don't push it through quickly then it won't be in place for the new term in September and the changes will effectively be delayed for a year.

Education in the UK is so crap that reform is urgent.

Kingbingo said...

I’m sure the opposition benches are turning up with the air of an inquisitive child. Applying strict parliamentarian standards of impartiality while they hear the minister arguments before making up their mind. As Obnoxio rightly points out its brutish to put any sort of a limit on the time they have to explore such an issue. Why surely if only more time was allowed they would quickly all be convinced and agree amicably.

Does Gove genuinely think the opposition benches have already made up their mind if they are going to support the policy the nanosecond they heard the bill was written by any opponent? Does Gove really think they are just using the time to score cheap alarmist points set in the mindset of socialist authoritarians? What an A-grade cunt. The members of Obnoxio’s party would never use opposition in the slightest way irresponsibly.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

"The members of Obnoxio’s party would never use opposition in the slightest way irresponsibly."

There are, regrettably, no members of my party in Parliament.

Am I to infer from this that you think parliamentary debate is a waste of time and should be dispensed with altogether?

The Grim Reaper said...

I'll agree with that.

It's like you said recently: "Meet the new cunt - exactly the fucking same as the old cunt".

Kingbingo said...

“There are, regrettably, no members of my party in Parliament.”
I thought there were 258 of them, or did you resign your Labour membership already?

“Am I to infer from this that you think parliamentary debate is a waste of time and should be dispensed with altogether?”
You know full well our current system is a shame. It gives the appearance of debate and cooperation at the most superficial level possible. But we don’t have democracy, we have elected oligarchies, might as well man up to that realisation.
Not that I’m saying that isn’t necessarily the least worse system of running a country this size and structure. But it’s still a scam.

What we need is to change the structure, spilt into regions, each region again split into the smallest possible sub-group within. I may have mentioned this before. A bit like the swiss do:

Pete said...

I'm with Andrew on this - if it doesn't go through now (in time for the new school year) our kids will be subjected to another full year of Liebour shit

TDK said...

You know I'm not sure this is a good policy. It doesn't go far enough.

We want the schools to be liberated from the state both in terms of the government, the LEAs and the teaching establishment. We want schools to be completely free to change the pedagogies and the curriculum. We want schools to be able to set up freely and quickly in any building. School policy should be set entirely by the teachers and parents. Success should be measured by roll levels, not inspectors.

You can't build freedom incrementally. As result the Gove schools will be undermined by the state who do not want to relinquish any control. Thus Gove's policy will be discredited and it will be that much harder to try again.

Kingbingo said...

"You can't build freedom incrementally."

I hope your wrong because this is exactly their plan. They are afraid of being slammed for privatising eduction. So they are doing this as a baby step.