Sunday, 4 July 2010

Mrs Dale's Annual Blog Circle-jerk

It's up and running. So vote for meeeeeeeee!


Mr Civil Libertarian said...

alright, alright, keep your fucking hair on.

I'll vote for Time Ireland before he writes a 4000 word post with graphs and charts explaining why he's pulling out.

RantinRab said...

Don't vote for that cunt, vote for me!

RantinRab said...

Pulling out? He strikes me as a Mummy, not a Daddy...

Mr Civil Libertarian again, the cunt said...

Well, the guy's head is so far up his arse, that's what I mean.

Trixy said...

And for me, if only for the fact I have lovelier hair than you.

The Filthy Engineer said...

Vote for you OBO. I'd rather have sex with Boateng and Demetriou.

(Then again, cross my palm with.....)

Captain Ranty said...

I voted for you Mr Clown.

Can I have a lollipop?


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Yes, I have a special cock-flavoured lollipop here in my trousers' special pocket... :o)

Kingbingo said...

Turns out after I counted there are only 10 blogs I read, which is a shame because I know some of you chaps on here post some 1st rate stuff, bloody job, wife etc!

1st: Anna Raccon

2nd: Obnoxio the Clown

3rd: Constantly Furious

4th: Guido Fawkes

5th: John Redwood

6th: Dan Hannan

7th: Norman Tebbit

8th: Biased BBC

9th: Coffee House

10th: Iain Dales Diary

John Demetriou said...


Kingbingo, I don't see me and my felching friend Boatang, the One True Keepers Of Libertarianism, at the top of that list. I don't even see me and my felching friend Boatang, the One True Keepers Of Libertarianism, in the list at all. Therefore, you are a cunt.


Kingbingo said...

And I shall not be feeding the trolls.

John Demoderatriou said...


John Demetriou said...


Vote for me!

Oh, and also vote for Iain Fale's Diary to annoy Dale. Cos he's a cunt as well. He disagreed with me on something once. That makes him a cunt.