Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Backing out of the iTunes 10 clusterfuck

If, like me, you foolishly decided to upgrade to iTunes 10 and now find any aberrant behaviour (in my case, my fucking iPod refused to sync up after the upgrade) then you might find the following guide to reverting a useful one:

  1. Uninstall every bit of Apple software first. In my case, that was iTunes, Bonjour, Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update
  2. In your iTunes directory, there will be a file called iTunes Library.itl -- rename this file to iTunes Library.itl.old
  3. Also in your iTunes directory, there will be a subdirectory called Previous iTunes Libraries -- in this directory are your old iTunes libraries. Copy the most recent file (in my case it was iTunes Library 2010-09-06.itl) back to your iTunes directory
  4. Now rename iTunes Library 2010-09-06.itl (or whatever your file name is) to iTunes Library.itl
  5. Click here and download iTunes 9.2.1
  6. Install iTunes 9.2.1
  7. Crack open a beer and relax to your choons. (Don't forget to check that everything works!)


OldSlaughter said...

I still don't get the problems with 10?? It has been fine for me. Can't really tell much difference.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

Be happy then. But I know I'm not alone.

Apostropher-General said...

PC / Windows users could of course do the sane thing and ditch that heap of shite called iTunes altogether. Install it to get the drivers, then uninstall it and use Windows Explorer with CopyTrans Manager or some similar app to choose what you want loaded. In other words, your iPod works like any other MP3 player. Simples.

If you're a through-and-through Mac user then you deserve all you get, frankly.

If Microsoft's products failed as dismally and as often as Apple's releases of software and hardware, there'd be hell to pay. But because it's Apple, it doesn't somehow seem to matter...

Anonymous said...

Very true mate, I FUCKING DESPISE Steve Jobs and his fucking sub standard tied in products, Yes i can jail break it but why the fuck should i have to?

I will never own anything Apple, I even hate having to have Quicktime on my PC

Anonymous said...

Winamp + ml_ipod is the way to go.