Monday, 6 September 2010

Blub, blub, blub (for @tomharrismp )

Tom Harris continues to fascinate:

A TORY bigot who sent a Scots MP a death threat on Twitter yesterday blubbered on his doorstep after being confronted by the Daily Record.

Glasgow South MP Tom Harris called in the Metropolitan Police over the four-letter internet taunts from James Monk.

In another rant, Monk, 35, said he "abused" Scots, Muslims and the Welsh.

The Essex man sent Harris tweets saying, "I hope you die soon," and, "Die c***!!! You are a disgrace."

Another post in June said: "You shouldn't have a say in English politics! You make me sick!!!!!! I want to see you soon!!! And I will!!!"

Harris called in cops amid fears he could be targeted like his Labour colleague Stephen Timms, who was stabbed twice at a constituency surgery in London in May.

The ex-transport minister said: "The Met were going to try to track the person down."

Bless. These poor little shy flowers will do anything to stay in the papers now that they're out of power, won't they?

I can't see how even the incompetent Met could take between June and September to track down a twatterer and blogger. And if he hadn't been round in three months, could this not be interpreted by any reasonable person as some internet braggadocio?

I wonder what my repeated calls for all fucking thieving troughing MPs across all political parties to be strung up from lamp posts will get me from the police?

Especially when combined with my blatant disdain for the thuggish and inept police. Inept? In my experience, completely fucking useless. Oh, and arrogant.

If I ever disappear entirely, I guess we'll know, won't we?

In the meantime, Tom ... don't lose your grip on reality completely, now will you?



Mitch said...

What grip? the poor lamb is suffering from delusions of adequacy.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

This is the notorious racist Tom Harris, isn't it? I thought all kinds of vituperation and abuse were acceptable when dealing with racists.

The Grim Reaper said...

What a fucking idiot.

If you're reading this Tom, there's a very simple answer if you come across this bollocks again. You can simply BLOCK THE USER FROM FOLLOWING YOUR TWEETS. Apologies for the capital letters, but merely saying it to you won't get the message across - you are an MP, after all.

Get a grip of yourself.