Thursday, 9 September 2010

Coulson vs Campbell

It's funny reading Big Bad Al Campbell giving it large about Coulson. Especially when Thatcherite Marxist and lifetime Labour voter Dave Spart weighs in:

And say what you like about Coulson, but at least he has never sexed up a dossier on Iraq’s supposed possession of weapons of mass destructive in order to lead Britain into an illegal war. Nor has he leaked the name of a vulnerable man who later committed suicide, simply so that he could ‘fuck’ a BBC staffer, to use his own infelicitous turn of phrase.

Sorry, but compared to Alistair Campbell, Andy Coulson is a saint.

(Do go and read the whole article. Dave is a journo, and makes several very good points.)

Like Dave, I hardly condone newspaper editors for doing this kind of thing (or turning a blind eye to it) but even the saintly Guardian's sister paper, the Observer, has been caught doing it. The whole thing is a contrived scandal by people with huge vested interest.

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Sometimes I debate with myself whether I would kill all the politicians if I could just press a button and there would be no personal ramifications.

I usually conclude that I wouldn't. However, if the button was reserved just for Campbell I would pound it in a heartbeat. I can't contain my contempt for the man.

Anonymous said...

"Thatcherite Marxist"


Anonymous said...

Is the Labour party working itself into a frenzy over Coulson and phone tapping the same NuLabour party which was mad keen to spy on all our emails, phone calls, letters etc and planned to track our every move in a car with their road pricing plans?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a link re: The Observer or other papers hacking phones etc?