Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Fuck me sideways!

I read this, fully expecting snort with derision the whole way through. But apart from the "green" shit that was pretty inevitable, I am actually quite impressed with the commitment to transparency and openness.

I can't imagine what Mark Wadsworth is going to say about their home-ownerism, though.


Kingbingo said...

Point 1: “Give residents the opportunity to say how the council spends some of its money in their
local area”

Local council only has control over less than 5% of their billions of budget. The rest is all mandated by Whitehall mandarins. Of that remaining 5% you need to fight tooth and nail with the bureaucrats to actually change anything. The only bits of the budget within the gift of councilors to actually distribute would be a few thousand pounds here and there.

If you think that MP’s are a shame look at councilors, the establishment has long since given up pretending that councilors are worth anything other than grand sounding low paid social workers.

Shug Niggurath said...

That transparency and openness commitment is easy to put in a manifesto though.

Couple of years ago the local Lib Dems won the council from Labour. A key part of their manifesto pledge was 'no more council meetings behind locked doors'.

Their first meeting was private and eventually they held more meetings in private than in public.

Booted out at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Also that Caroline Lucas is quite fuckable for an old bird, isn't she?