Sunday, 19 September 2010


The brilliant Wat Tyler asks a very important question: why the fuck did the Pope's visit cost £12 million, when even Dubya only cost £4.1 million?


Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't be such a spoilsport.

There are five million left-footers in the UK, who are forced to chip in for abortions and contraception via NHS and the tax system.

So we spent £12 million? That's 0.1% of what we spent on the Olympics, and if it costs £2.40 per left footer to keep them onside, then so be it.

atheist said...

Cos George didn't go around the streets of 3 major cities in a georgemobile maybe ? Or hold 3 shows with 80,000 at each one ?
He sat in some office talking I think.

Gitane said...

Does this mean that as a result of my indirect tax support for the nazi's visit I will go to heaven? And so does that mean that dirty tax dodgers like Lord Ashcroft wiil go to hell?

Harri said...

Its just a simple case of doing the math, and an extended shopping list ...

One million, give or take a quid or two for 'security' and the other 11 million quid for rent boys !

Anonymous said...

Atheists,secular banner wavers,
groaning gays and fellow mutterers,
Now the Pope's gone home can you
find something else to whinge about
I wouldnt have minded if the
anti Pope motley band had been
something to write home about.

Varangian Guard

David Davis said...

Perhaps more people wanted to murder the Pope than wanted to murder GWB?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I suppose that possible.