Tuesday, 18 January 2011

REAL Progress came from capitalism #ukuncut

I saw this tweet:

Most of Human History #haiku: Toil toil toil toil toil. Eat, make a baby, sleep, toil. Toil toil toil toil toil. http://wcti.us/0060

And I thought about the various recent anti-capitalist demonstrations and those still to come. You fuckers really don't know you're born. The greatest actual progress in the human condition, the greatest leaps in health care, in welfare, in charity in pretty much everything came when capitalism broke the link between toil and survival.

All the dipshits calling for a return to Gaia and a more rustic lifestyle have no idea how fucking grinding and soul-destroying an agrarian lifestyle is.

And there are no iPads.

So shut the fuck up and fuck the fuck off.


patently said...

Precisely. They are protesting against the very system that gave them enough non-toiling time to be able to protest.

FamblyGuy said...

Well said, Clown

My old man is continually banging on about his farm hand job when he left school. Getting up at 4.00am, not turning in until 11.00pm, backbreaking stuff all day long.

What the #UKUncut fucktards really mean is that those who make capitalism work for them by working hard, taking risks and investing their own time and money, should have large chunks of their wealth stolen to subsidise somebody else who can't be fucking bothered.

Why don't we just offer them the chance to live on some isolated island, preferably just on, or even in, the Arctic circle where they can all live in a quasi communist society and work for the greater good of the collective.

They'd be eating each other by the end of the first week...

And yes, this was written on my iPad :o)

Chalcedon said...

I have often said that the golden days or years of yore are utter bollocks. The best time is right now. We have everything in the prosperous west. Things that Kings of yore could only dream about. And still people winge. As for the eco lons who want to return to crofting and and an agrarian lifestyle, I just say 'go and set an example and show us it can work'. They never do of course.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You have a way with words. Ever considered being a politician?

Michael Fowke said...

When the emerging markets of China, India, Brazil etc., takeover, then these idiots will have something to complain about.

Angry Teen said...

Very well said!

Anonymous said...

AT last you realise. Tony and Gordon have made things better for everyone!

Jim said...

Spot on. 99.9% of human existence has consisted of grindingly hard work just to get food into your belly and somewhere dry and warm to sleep. We don't know we are born.

Much as the warm inter-glacial periods are the exception to the history of the Earth, I suspect our current feather bedded existence may be just as fleeting.

Mitch said...

Those fuckers are just jealous and want to be in charge of people(typical lefties), "if they build it will people come" I fukin doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe all the people who obsess over playing "Farmville" on Facebook. I tell them if they want to play "farm" for a day, they can come to my place and muck out the chicken coop - FOR REAL.

No takers, yet.

Anonymous said...

Arent they about tax avoidance, rather capitalism?

Ted (an occasional lurker) said...

Obo, you are quite right in one respect: agriculture is backbreaking toil. Before the widespread use of agriculture (which incidentally permits the formation of a priestly and hence a political class) we were of course hunter-gatherers. That lifestyle may have been short, for lack of medical knowledge, but it was neither nasty nor brutish. The diet of the average human being during the Palaeolithic in northern Europe was superb, and required fewer than three hours of daily work to procure and prepare.

Look into the subject if you're interested -- these little twerps are so ignorant that their opinions are simply not worth arguing about.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

@Ted is quite right.

But he might also consider what population level such a civilisation could support.

I don't know the numbers but I am sure it would be a very very small fraction of what we have now; so an awful lot of people would need to die off.

Of course, that has never been a problem for the Greens, or any other fascist/authoritarian groups.

patently said...

what population level such a civilisation could support.

Approximately two thirds of the current population.

The only reason we can (kind of) feed the world's current population is the Haber-Bosch process, invented in 1909, which permits us to synthesise ammonia. This is the first and most difficult step in creating fertiliser.

It has been estimated that a third of the world's population owe their existence to this invention by Fritz Haber and its subsequent financing by BASF. Just think - look around the room or the office, count the people, divide by three, that is how many would be dead without the evil scientist and the evil capitalist company that gave us a way of producing ammonia.

Even then, the Wikipedia entry bemoans the terrible environmental consequences of the process and the fact that it put some nitrate miners out of work. Get real - one third of the population would die without it...

Gaia she say... said...

I think you miss the point of the coming Agrarian Age.

It is clear to us deep thinkers that a move to a rural lifestyle will also coincide neatly with the return of perfect weather. As there are no noxious emissions (other than cows farting) every day will be glorious, sunsets radiant, it will only rain at night, we will only have a cold winter again with a 100 year prediction cycle.

Moreover, mother nature will be so grateful no one will fall ill from any nasty disease (all germs will have removed themselves from circulation thus meaning no need for evil drugs), lambs will be born only on pleasant spring days and not require being pulled out by hand. All natural products will instantly taste better, and people will relax of an evening in front of cheery fires while singing homely ballads about ploughing, hedgerows and trade unions having no need to deal with bosses other than to receive large rises every six months.

I can foresee all this so clearly, so why can't you?