Thursday, 28 April 2011

Just fuck the fuck off, please!

Christ. So Cameron said something vaguely in touch with the common parlance and now lefties are predictably going off the deep end.

The faux moral outrage is depressing. Anybody with half a sense of humour would have smiled and moved on. But no, already we're seeing articles about how the Prime Minister's (mis)use of an advertising catchphrase is a gateway to reverting to Victorian attitudes to women and how we can expect a rise in wifebeating and clitorectomies as a result.

Angela Eagle has predictably responded with a chippy article about how she's "been condescended to by better people than Cameron." Well, then, she should be fucking used to it by now and not fucking writing articles in the Guardian about how not upset she fucking is.

On the other side of the coin, I actually read someone criticising Ed Balls for not standing up for Yvette, when it was originally thought that Cameron might have been talking to her.

Christ Almighty. The economy is in the toilet, we're engaged in illegal wars, Libya is shaping up to be another Vietnam, we're taxed for more than half our income, social democrats are chipping away at the handful of freedoms we have left and all we can get exercised about is a fucking throwaway line from an advert.

I need to get out of this shithole. Enough is enough.


Cassas said...

Missed the predictable circus on Twitter yesterday but read about it this morning. Totally over the top reaction. Cameron is a twat, of that I have no doubt, but quoting some fucking advert out of context is about as controversial as a fart in an elevator. It stinks for a bit but you get over it. Lets hope this ridiculous story doesn't linger for too long.

JuliaM said...

"Anybody with half a sense of humour would have smiled and moved on."

That let's out pretty much every politician in the world, then...

Anonymous said...

"I need to get out of this shithole. Enough is enough"

Just about sums up my approach even before Cameraloon took over. I took the quitter's route and left. Now just reading about life in the UK makes me need to lie down before I hyperventilate into a spasm of froth and anger.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Had he said, "Shut the fuck up, you rancid shit-cunt", it would have been far more entertaining.

Tuesday Kid said...

Beautifully put Obnoxio. I'd still like to see someone headbutt Osbourne though.

Michael Fowke said...

"been condescended to by better people than Cameron."

Bloody hell! Who she been hanging out with them? Cameron is the cousin of the queen or summit, ain't he? You don't get much grander thsn that.

Danny said...

politics today is just such a big false pantomime. something to keep the papers full and the talking heads talking.

when i read the title of this post i thought it must be in reference to the royals.

i was chucked outta a bookies this morning for asking if they'd odds on whether a terrorist attack would occur.

al quida: 3/1

real IRA: 5/1

Then it was all: get tha fack at na!

v.royal/loyal-ist round my way...

little do they know the date chosen for the royal nuptials were specifcally chosen to coincide with the wedding of hitler and eva bruan....little do they know the windsors/saxon goethe's are just like that: nazis! child sacrificing, baby eating nazi's dedicated to the worship of evil....well i'm determined to take a bet some way or another on the whole affair. me and the pals might open a book on who wins a wank-race for when k.middleton emerges from her carriage

Kingbingo said...

I just cut off the BBC entirely. No radio 4, no Newsnight or Question Time, no BBC News.

And since I obviously don't read their source material either (the Guardian) I am now a much happier bunny, with the only slight downside that I don't always get what the Daily Mash are referring too.