Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Regulation... again

So, regulation is ALWAYS for the protection of the consumer, isn't it? It never benefits the vested interests.


Danielle said...

I have used threading since I first discovered it, it costs only £5-10, takes literally 5 minutes if not even, so quick you don't need an appointment, and the results are better than waxing.

A really nice guy who has started a threading business in my town is booming and making a lot of money. He also employs two young girls who are also very nice and who I doubt could spare 600 hours of irrelevant training.

This regulatory mania is absolute horseshit. Just keeps bureaucrats in jobs and panders to vested interests. I really want to retch.

Three quarters of the whole law code can safely be discarded and no children will die, no women will be raped, no vulnerable people will contract horrible diseases.

They should all be shot.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Those in power never bother to listen to us, that's what gets me the most. They never even ask us what sort of nation we want and yet we are the ones who pay for it!

bollixed said...

Yeh yeh yeh. Governments regulate to protect their mates and create monopolies. Regulations maintain power over us and create meaningless public sector jobs. We know all that. What this vid says to me is that people are really really fucking shallow and come the economic collapse and the shit-storm hyper-inflation ad Depression that follows these poor fuckers eyebrows are going to suffer.

Me? I've packed tweezers in my survival bag. Good for eyebrow trimming, bullet removal, extracting information from rival gang members, and could make a lethal weapon in a tight spot.