Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Enough with the gossip! (for @BBCLauraK )

Chris Bryant tells me senior figures at Buckingham Palace warned David Cameron's team about taking Andy Coulson into no 10
-- BBCLauraK
This really got on my tits today. It's not that I particularly object to anonymity for sources, God knows no real scandal would ever break without it. But this is not a breaking scandal, it's well and truly broken, and an MP who let it happen on his fucking watch is now trumpeting anonymous sources which may exist only in his own head purely for his own party's political gain.

This isn't what people pay their license fee for, Laura. This is you being led by the nose by a partisan mong who knew about this shit for ages but did fuck all about it.

Shame on you.


RT @MatofKilburnia If the pissing Windsors were commenting on government appointments they would be in breach of convention #guillotine
-- House of Twits

Apart from the rather liberal and tolerant idea that "breaching convention" merits a death sentence from a liberal and tolerant lefty who blocked me because he didn't like my sense of humour, this actually is quite the bit of news. If the Windsors, who have steadfastly remained out of government affairs (much to the detriment of Britain's politics, I think!) actually took the rather unprecedented step of themselves telling Cameron not to get involved with Coulson, that would be political dynamite.

But I stand by my original statement. Talk "senior whatever sources" is just bullshit.

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Anonymous said...

Bryant's role in this shitstorm must have been coloured by a remark attributed to Rebekah B on meeting him in some social setting: "Hello -- it's after dark. Shouldn't you be on Clapham Common?"

For all her unpleasantly manipulative powers, etc., etc., she seems to be FUNNY, which goes a long way to redeeming her in my book.