Monday, 18 July 2011

I knew there was a reason I gave up caring about politics

I did, for a while, genuinely lose interest in politics, because I found something that mattered more than politics. But since I no longer have that happiness, I've started to look back at politics, and once again the sheer hateful stupidity of it all stands before me:

Lord Glasman, the leading policy adviser to the Labour leader, said the country should “draw the line” on immigration and even renegotiate EU rules that allow free movement for migrant workers.

He told The Daily Telegraph that Britain is “not an outpost of the UN” and the needs of the British people must be put first.

The comments are the most drastic yet for any of the major political parties and would effectively end immigration in to the UK.

However, the Labour party was last night quick to distance itself from the suggestions, insisting Lord Glasman’s views were “his own”.

Immigration has been thrust back on to the political agenda by both Labour and the Conservatives.

Now, it's absolutely true that I have, in the past, railed on about immigration, but it's more that it's a symptom of the welfare state that I despise, than that I have an issue with immigration.

And the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of immigrants who come to the UK get jobs (that feckless British cunts don't want to do), pay their taxes and get on with their lives. There are also some genuine refugees and then there are also some weapons-grade motherfuckers who come here to sponge off the state.

The cost of the weapons-grade motherfuckers is easily outweighed by the sheer benefit of people picking up the shitty jobs that are beneath the dignity of the noble Briton, a race clearly designated for only fulfilling, high-paid jobs and nothing menial, OK?

Never mind that they chip in disgracefully high proportions of their income into the saintly NHS or gold-plated pensions for fucking useless civil servants.

Immigrants are a nett benefit to British society, end of. It doesn't matter whether they're Somali cockwashers, Polish builders or Australian IT twats. They come here, they either pick up shit jobs or bring skills we don't have. They endure taxation without representation. They are A Good Thing(TM)

Yet here we have an experienced and educated man, elevated to a peerage, advisor to a man who would rule us, representing the "party of the common man", who wishes to encourage this fucking bollocks because it resonates with people who have been encouraged to believe this fucking bollocks.

God forbid anyone should have an intelligent debate on the real fucking reason immigration is bad: it's bad because it puts more strain on housing and public services.

Why does it put a strain on housing? Because it's in the government's interest to keep house prices disproportionally high which they do my invoking the sacred "green belt" mythology. House prices are kept artificially inflated by regulation and the encouragement of NIMBYism.

Immigration is really not the factor it's made out to be here.

And immigrants do not place any more stress on "public services" than the rest of us, if they are allowed to work. Once they can work, they can pay taxes. Fucking bullshit laws that make it difficult for immigrants to work mean that the fucking government is forcing them to be a drain on public services.

And apart from that, the generosity of the welfare state is hardly the fucking fault of migrants who come here specifically not to suck at the state's teat but come here to work and earn an honest wage, nor is it even the fault of migrants who come here specifically to suck at the state's teat. The state designs, maintains and operates the welfare system. Is it really the fault of some uneducated, filthy foreigner from Outer Krapulastan or The Republic of Bongobongoland if they can look at it and think "I can have these guys for a decent lifestyle"?

Nah, fuck it,immigration is just another fucking bogeyman that the political classes use to frighten us all into voting for whoever is going to "take the strongest line" without being "racist".

So fuck you, Lord Cockmong, and a hearty fuck you to all the imbeciles who have leapt on to his bandwagon. I hope you all fucking die of face cancer.

Update: Snap!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Yup, I'm with you on that one. I wouldn't even blame English welfare claimants for the welfare system, they didn't invent it, they just fill their boots.

Anonymous said...

Spectacularly wrong Obo.
There is a problem with immigration, but it's not from Indian software engineers or Polish carpenters.
The problem is adherents to the dark ages desert death cult who come here wanting the culture of their villages back home but with clean water and reliable power supplies.They are fucking up the UK, not just economically but because of all the concessions that they are given and now expect.

You are also wrong about Brits being unwilling to do menial jobs.
They are unwilling to do menial jobs at £5 odd an hour.
There is a rate at which I will work as a hotel chambermaid,probably about £35 - £40 an hour.Hundreds of thousands will work for less than me, but not for £5 odd.
Stop the immigration and allow a market-clearing wage rate to emerge.
Don't be one of these capitalist cunts who think the market must work for bankers but not for cleaners.
Suggesting that foreigners' lifestyles and incomes here are as important as our own is the sort of bleeding-heart drivel I expect from sandal-weaering vegetarian lefties.

And you really think they don't come for benefits. Bollocks.

One immediate step; if they want the right to family life exercise that right by uniting the family in Pakistan or whichever other backward shithole/hellhole they come from.

Paul Timms

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that. A sensible comment unlike those "mainstream" comments on the Telegraph site.

By the way, the Aussie is allowed to vote. I did. I had to vote Tory as my UKIP candidate wanted to deport me. The Labour guy also wants to deport me. The Tory guy wants it to take 5 more years for me to get a British passport (as opposed to 2) which is fair enough.

Although in 5 years time me and the missus (a Pom) may have fucked off to Oz. And she has taken far more from the government than she paid in (she's only 23).

Mitch said...

I wonder how much shit would land on the head of a prominent Mp or Lord who had the bollox to say that.

Shug Niggurath said...

Although in 5 years time me and the missus (a Pom) may have fucked off to Oz. And she has taken far more from the government than she paid in (she's only 23).

I don't know… comin' over 'ere, stealing our wimmin…

Shug Niggurath said...

One of the reasons I hate all of them so much is that 2 years ago, that exact same speech could (and probably did) come straight from the mouth of a Tory.

Just like everything else.

jorb said...

sorry to hear about your change in circumstances. I am an australian IT twat ;o). You are bang on. reduce the benefits for new arrivals, make it possible to work (most of them do for fuck all, under the counter anyway).

If you are not a net benefit to the country, either through tax or service provided (e.g. nurses) then fuck off.

End of