Friday, 12 August 2011

Ban Twitter!

Tory MPs, earlier

Call Me Dave has responded to the riots and violence in a way that any Fabian would approve of: he has called for the ability to shut down BBM and Twitter to prevent violence from happening.

This is despite the fact that in other countries, twitter and so on are considered (by fucking Call Me Dave!) to be good for democracy.

Typical fucking politician, cheering something that looks good when it happens to someone else, but quick to shut it down when he thinks it's bad for his proles.

This despite the fact that a zillion people used BBM and Twitter without fucking needing to riot.

Is there anything in iDave's fucking bullshit posturing and hypocrisy that would not be familiar to a student of New Labour? Of course not, they are all the fucking same, apart from the tie colour.

Thieves, cunts, bullies and fucking fascists. Hang the lot of them.

Post script: more appropriate response from the wonderful, infalling, completely trustworthy state.

Fucking cunts.

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