Monday, 24 October 2011

Oh bloody hell, here we go again!

I realise I'm going to be as popular as fuck for saying this, but really, does the fact that Stuart Walker was gay make him any deader?

Following reports Mr Walker may have been targeted due to his sexuality, Strathclyde Police said they were looking into all aspects of his life.

If people suspect that he may have been targeted due to his sexuality, then they must have some idea of who was targeting, mustn't they? Why are we even discussing his bedroom habits when we should be focussing on who committed this unspeakable act?

But more to the point, Stuart Walker, a human being, was slain. If he'd been shot in a random gangland slaying or knifed by a jealous lover or whatever, would that have been OK?

Is it especially bad to kill people because they're gay or black, or is it especially bad to kill people full stop? I can't help but wonder if gays and blacks are somehow better than the rest of us, because somehow when you're killed because of a label, it's worse than being killed for no reason at all.

If it's especially bad to kill people because of a label, why is no-one screaming blue murder about a thousand white people being killed in South Africa every year, specifically because they're white? With the tacit approval of the government?

Murder is murder. The motivation is irrelevant. The act is the unspeakable thing.


RantinRab said...

I notice that certain 'minority' groups are using the poor guy's death to beat their own well worn drum.


Yet when I mention this on Twitter, I'm the cunt.

Dippyness. said...

Totally agree.

pa_broon74 said...


In order to properly investigate a case like this surely motive is important and could potentially push things forward?

Seems to me it's not the police who have zeroed in on an issue of minority but you folks.

They're just doing their job, if he was a gangster for example would it not be wise for the police to bear that in mind while investigating?

The minority groups only beat their drums because stuff like this does go on. Its easy to criticise (as I occasionaly do myself) when you're not part of the minority being targeted.

Although they have been premature in this instance because there is at this time no proof in that direction..

Anonymous said...

In order to properly _investigate_ maybe. In order to properly charge, no.

I noticed some time ago when Guido's petition was doing the rounds (death penalty) some were suggesting it should be for the 'more serious' murders of children and policemen.

And I thought then how fucking stupid. Is a policeman better than me (or anyone else)? Is a child? Is either 'more valuable'?

This is a massive crock of shite.


Anonymous said...

It is inevitable that there will be more concern over a dead homosexual.

After gays stick together, looking out for one another; their motto?

"Never leave your buddies behind....."

John Demetriou said...

So so sooo tedious Obo. You can do better. Now grow up.