Thursday, 15 December 2011

Feeling troubled?

Just why, pray tell, can fucking politicians and civil servants never refrain from calling a spade a metallic professionally formed hole digging device?

I see that the man with the massive forehead has come out with some fucking bollocks about sorting out "troubled families". These were previously known as "problem families", i.e. the feral cunts that no sane person wants to live near. You know, the cunts who play bangin' choons till 4 AM, puke in your garden, shit in your fishpond, beat your kids up for the hell of it and collect ASBOs for fun. And the whole clan joins in the fun, making the lives of everyone around them a fucking misery.

And what, pray tell, you fucking incompetent socialist fuckwit, is wrong with calling these utter shitstains "problem families"?

They are a fucking problem for the entire community that they live in. They make everyone's lives less pleasant. They are families that are a problem. They are not troubled. They are a fucking problem.

But as ever, the heir to Blair is hugging hoodies, and preparing to spunk out more of our hard-earned on some "eye-catching initiative" to show us how much he cares.

Look, Dickface, it's fucking simple: mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy language does nothing to solve the problem. It's clear that unwinding the mendacious bullshit of Labour is beyond you, but do you really fucking have to add to it?


Mitch said...

just when you think the cunt has grown a pair......this happens.
They really are all useless cocknoshers whatever the rosette they wear.
Fuck them all, right in the ear with a spear gun.

View from the Solent said...

Perhaps this Mash is more apposite.

Duncan B said...

You're still out there then?

Anonymous said...

"problem families"

Back in the '70s they were called scroungers, whats wrong with that?