Saturday, 31 December 2011

A random thought

Someone on twitter said:

2011 Award for most selfless protest : #rallyagainstdebt .. thinking about future generations, not yourself

This got me thinking: one of the biggest selling points about the alarmism around man-made global warming (or whatever shit they're calling it this week) is that it's based on caring for the unborn generations, despite the enormous uncertainties implicit in the MMGW issue.

Yet the same people who call for more "green" money to be spent to protect unborn generations are exactly the same people who mocked the Rally Against Debt which has a much clearer and more demonstrable case for saddling unborn generations with something they don't need.

Why should this be the case?


Marian said...

How did they mock them?

Obnoxio The Clown said...

On "social media"

Woodsy42 said...

Because neither issue has anything to do with what it's called or the future good of humanity. Global climate stuff is about control and taxation (which benefits the rich and elite classes)while the occupy movement is about jealousy and wealth distribution (and is therefore against the rich and elite classes).

Peter Crawford said...

Woodsy42, the occupy wankers have fuck all to do with the question. Read it again you plank.

Tuesday Kid said...

I think it's evidence people just go with the crowd and don't think things through. It's very fashionable to be into stopping global warming, regardless of the weight of pro or counter arguments.