Wednesday, 14 March 2012



Duncan B said...

Sheesh! I'll bet a penny to a pinch HMRC are looking at this.

Anonymous said...

What, a liscensing scheme whose outcome is the protection of corporations from competition from independents? Who'd a thunk it? Murray Rothbard must be rolling in his grave.

Anonymous said...

HM Taxman is far more inventive than our American cousins.No idea if this has come to pass though.


patently said...

Good for them.

No worries here, remember when HMRC suggested that we should just give them all our income and they'd give back the bit they admitted was ours? No need for tax preparation help then...

Anonymous said...

Here is how this works.

1. Only IRS approved tax accountants (whatever they are called ).

2. No more innovative tax schemes for the lower orders. If you accountant devises one, he or she loses his or her license to practice and loses his or her livelihood.

3. IRS claims they have eradicated tax avoidance (legal).

4. Meanwhile tax evasion ( Illegal and usually practiced by the TBtF mafia ) continues unabated.

Typical public sector genius.