Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Greenslade proudly defends the BBC

Greenslade fisks a Sunday Express article here.

Without the slightest hint of irony, the tale culminates with this paragraph:

The corporation takes the view that it cannot spend its time complaining about ridiculous tabloid stories. So the drip-drip-drip of anti-BBC articles are allowed to build up and fester among their licence payers.

And, of course, he's quite correct. The media in this country are fucking blatantly biased. The number of times I've read the final paragraph of a story in the Telegraph or whatever that outright contradicts everything that's been said in the rest of the article is what made me stop buying newspapers altogether. They ALL talk utter shite.

Of course, this is published in the Graun, which NEVER EVER publishes a steady drip-drip-drip of biased articles allowing righteous lefties to fester their righteous indignation. Oh, no.

The same Graun that wages a jihad on people who shift money offshore to avoid paying tax whilst itself being controlled by an offshore trust that, er, avoids tax.

No Roy, I can promise you that there is not the slightest whiff of sanctimonious hypocrisy in your tale of woe.

The difference between the BBC and the Sunday Express, Roy, is that I can choose not to buy the Sunday Express. If I own a TV, I have to pay for the BBC, whether I watch it or not.

In the meantime, do go see a doctor about that beam in your eye, yeah?

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humanati said...

You don't have to pay unless you are watching live broadcasts.

Just stop paying & do not communicate with them.

Never ever engage with them or sign anything.

They can't fucking touch you.

Job done.

It's 2 years since I stopped watching & paying for their propaganda & it feels good.