Sunday, 17 June 2012

Liminal State

When I went to see the Skin Deep exhibition a while ago, the delightful young lady at the gallery mentioned an upcoming show featuring "3D photos" that sounded rather intriguing.

And so it was that I dropped in to the Hay Hill Gallery yesterday to see Jeffrey Robb's amazing Liminal State exhibition. I think it's fair to say that once again the Hay Hill Gallery have come up with the goods. Following up the astounding Great Wall of Vagina was always going to be a big ask, but heaven knows I think they've managed to trounce it.

Jeffrey Robb uses a technique called lenticular photography to produce 3D images without resorting to special glasses.

The images vary from near-static 3D images to images that convey motion as you look at them from different angles. Upstairs in the gallery are images of incredibly, astonishingly beautiful women, captured in poses that stress their ability to move, ranging from women captured in arching poses, women dancing around each other and the extraordinary images of a ballerina in polygonal and square boxes.

As you move closer to the pictures, you get lost in the confusing detail of the lenticular photographs, but when you regard them from a distance, the "sensation" of three-dimensionality is incredible.

Downstairs, there is a display of glorious, bold abstract paintings by the photographer, who has then recorded them as lenticular photographs as well. As paintings, they appeal very much to my taste, but as lenticular photographs they literally get another dimension and become even more beautiful.

As with Skin Deep, there is a video presentation showing some of the process of creating the exhibition, which is gorgeous (and mildly erotic!)

For the first time in a long time, I really wished I had the money to spend on the art being displayed - but it's way outside my reach. Those who buy it won't be disappointed.

This is a fantastic exhibition, a visual treat in so many ways. I heartily recommend it to you!

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