Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sun, Moon and Earth

On a previous visit to Cork Street in London, I found the Alpha Gallery, which has a number of Rodin sculptures on display, but it was busy setting up a new display of more contemporary art.

Despite my rather tatty and impoverished appearance, they invited me to the private showing of the new art: Sun, Moon and Earth by the Angolan-born artist Daniela Ribeiro.

As ever, I'm not sure photos can convey entirely these works, which are created using a unique painting technique from high-resolution photographs from various telescopes.

What is particularly impressive in her very accurate representation of astronomical bodies, is that they are created without brushes - Daniela uses a hairdryer to blow the wet materials across the fibreglass.

An interesting diversion - not necessarily everyone's cup of tea, but worth a quick nose if you're in the area.

Oh, and the Rodin stuff isn't bad, either!

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