Thursday, 25 October 2012

Oh, what a surprise!

Words fail me. In the light of the Savile row, we are now blessed with the delightful prospect of paedo allegations, even if they are unproven, dogging you for the rest of your life.

Our saintly Prime Minister casually let it slip in PMQs yesterday that even if the Cunt Persecution Disservice decide that there isn't enough evidence to support a prosecution, allegations will definitely be shared with "relevant organisations".

Just stop for a moment and think about that.

Because of a culture of matey mutual back-scratching amongst pillars of the establishment, any allegation of being a paedo no longer needs to be proven for you to be dogged by them for the rest of your life.

Pretty cool, huh?

And of course, once the children are protected, why, then ... why would you need ANY allegation to be proven before it trails behind you for the rest of your life?

This shortly after the decision to tag "habitual criminals" indefinitely to make sure everyone knows where they are.

Where are these fuckwits going and why the cunting fuck are they no less authoritarian and no less determined to snoop than the last fucking cockmunchers?




Robert the Biker said...

It's the modern version of a witchcraft trial; since the offense is so horrific, the accusation must be sufficient proof, since obviously no one wouls accuse another of such a crime merely to be vindictive.

Ivor Grumble said...

Good. The PM knows the CPS are riddled with corruption too I guess, and pedos no doubt. They 'didn't have enough evidence' a few years ago to prosecute the Rochdale lot, that turned out all right eh? They 'didn't have evidence' to prosecute Savile SEVEN TIMES in the past, that also turned out ok. So good on the PM.

Anonymous said...

Dr Marietta Higgs.

Proof incarnate that paedophilia has, as Robert the Biker said, become the witchcraft of modern times.

Despite getting it horribly wrong in 1987 in Cleveland and ruining the lives of hundreds of adults and children, this mad bat is now

"Dr Marietta Higgs, Foundation Programme Director Medway NHS"

and still falsely accusing parents of having oral, vaginal and anal sex with their children.

Devil's Kitchen said...