Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chance would be a fine thing

Saturday was a good day. On my way back from the Wunderkabinett, I serendipitously wandered in to the Mile End Art Pavilion to see the London Independent Photography exhibition "Chance would be a fine thing".

The works on display were from a wide range of photographers, all with their own styles and their own take on what constituted "chance". Some of the blurb accompanying the photos was pretentious tosh, but the photos themselves were rather good.

Ranging from homeless people to the surreal patterns of architecture to the intersection of geometric buildings with people wandering about doing nothing in particular, it was interesting to see how many ways you could interpret chance and what the consequences of your interpretation would be.

I was particularly inspired after an afternoon out savouring and photographing the rich colours of autumn to see that one of the photographers had gone out in search of a colour and then followed the person wearing that colour around, snapping them, until someone else came along wearing that colour. It was an amusing conceit that actually led to some incredible pictures.

I may give that one a shot myself!

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