Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The S-word

I am profoundly depressed today: the aftermath of the Boston bombing has left a truly awful taste in my mouth.

The reaction of (some) left-wing people (Owen Jones, Maria Eagle, amongst others: I'm looking at you) has left me profoundly angry: they used the "s-word".


Just roll the word around your mouth for a moment.


A word redolent of union activity and collectivist thinking and utterly bereft of humanity. The sort of word that RMT committees might use to indicate moral support of a strike by the NUT. A word, charitably, that communists might use to express their support to workers exploited by capitalist running dogs.

But is it really the word to express your sympathy and empathy to victims of an atrocity? Do you really think such a politically loaded word is the right thing to say to someone who has suffered such violence? You're not standing shoulder to shoulder in the battle against the exploitation of the working class by the bourgeoisie here. These people are frightened, angry, hurt, grieving, anguished.

Where is your humanity, your heart, your compassion, when you all can offer is the tepid, banal solidarity of the proletariat?

Maria Eagle particularly got up my nose with the implication that there was some mileage in levering in the Hillsborough disaster into the frame of this most recent tragedy.

But of course, the masterclass in hypocrisy had to be Gerry fucking Adams expressing his "solidarity" with the people of Boston, who have, ironically, funded him generously to bomb the fuck out of the people of the United Kingdom.

There is no mileage to be made out of scoring points on the back of a tragedy, particularly when nothing is known about who or why it was done (something a lot of people pointing out the previous irony seem to have forgotten by going on to say unpleasant things about Bostonians deserving this tragedy.)

But there is hope among the bile, vapidity and stupidity: thousands of Americans (those callous, heartless bastards) have opened their homes to victims and their families to help them get through this.

It just goes to show that when you let go of party political bullshit, people can do the right thing without the state forcing them to do so.


Anonymous said...

Blimey, your chatting about the Boston bombs as well! How many innocent civilians died around the world due to 'terrorist' activity on the very same day and get little or no outpouring of grief by the world's media! All tragic but lets get some balance.

kitler said...

The lefties are only showing solidarity because they are hoping it's a right wing extremist behind the bombings. If it turns out to be the sand people or an anti-capitalist the solidarity will shift sides very quickly.

Ashley said...

What happened on twitter? Come back when shit's blown over. I defended you from accusations of nihilism on CiF, it is clear to anyone who sees your contributions over time that you actually care about a number of issues considerably, and have an appreciation of the finer things in life, as well as the beauty and wonder that we encounter in everyday life. So come back, you complete cunt.

@jock_bastard said...

What Ashley said, you cockerney wank.

Anonymous said...

Mistakenly switched the car radio onto a BBC Asian Channel the other day to listen to a 'British-Asian' bemoan the coverage from Boston. Apparently we only care about White people.
Have also stood in a shop yesterday and listened to Iraqi'visitors/residents' say the same thing.
It wasn't an outpouring of grief from the Worlds media, it was 'Western media' reporting on a terrorist attack in a western country. Is it now a Muslim demand that we care more about them than our own? Victimhood has come so far.

Anonymous said...

Eagle is a cunt - when asked why rape trial defendants have no anonymity she refused to answer. Lesbians Ignite!

Anonymous said...

The world's media is pretty much dominated by the 'western media'!

crosswordbob said...

How does one come to the view that the word "solidarity" is bereft of humanity? Simple, when you've already ideologically dehumanised the entire left wing in your head!

You want people to let go of party political bullshit? Why not show the way by not using death and destruction as just another excuse for more tiresome left-bashing, you hypocritical cunt.