Friday 6 December 2013

Thoughts on #Mandela (for @kevin_maguire and others)

So, he's gone. Predictably, the sanctimonious bullshit has been dialled up to 11.

One of the most depressing things about it has been the preponderance of left-wing political animals (if not MPs) like Alastair Campbell and Charlie Whelan banging on about meeting him.

Look at mmmeeeeeeEEEEEEE!! Look at me! I met him! I touched him! Behold, he cured my leprosy!

From utter cunts who would mock the shit out of someone saying the Pope had done that.

Equally annoying has been the whitewashing of his history. He was given a fair trial and a fair sentence, even Amnesty fucking International said so. He WAS a terrorist.

He was also a politician upon release, who had some good ideas and equally, some fucking insane ones. Ironically, he replaced a notionally democratic but really one party state with another notionally democratic but really one party state, although to be fair, this was hardly his fault.

He did keep a lid on the widely-expected violent backlash, but today there are more murders of white farmers in SA than there ever were in Zimbabwe.

He did, for a very brief time, largely unite the nation (apart from lunatic neo-nazis and equally lunatic black consciousness marxists, but nothing's going to make those fuckers talk to anyone else!) Ultimately that was down to the cult around his person - he did not make this a lasting legacy.

He did drag South Africa out of the Stone Age in terms of some social liberties, but ultimately the economic policies he introduced replaced the handful of white oligarchs with a handful of black ones while leaving the overwhelming majority of South Africans even worse off than they'd been under the Apartheid regime.

He fucked up royally on crime and let's face it, the corruption of other politicians did not start after he left power.

So his legacy can basically summed as a mixed bag - hardly the amazing result he seems to be associated with.

But really, the worst whole thing about the grief whoring is that people who hold him up as some sort of role-model-y godlike figure display none of the values that they claim to admire in Mandela: that people can change and that you should forgive.

As an example of this: a load of bollocks has been spouted about Dishface wanting to hang Mandela in the 80's. Even if he did (and there is no evidence whatsoever that this is the case), the whole fucking point about lionising Mandela is that he is the model of change for the good, of humility and of reconciliation and forgiveness. We venerate Mandela, an ex-terrorist, because when he got to power he didn't use that power to victimise the people who branded him a terrorist. He changed. He forgave.

Unlike the tolerant, always-correct left. Using the death of a man they claim to admire to score some cheap, political points. Nice one, Kev!

I wish that people who are venerating Mandela would display some of the fucking qualities they claim to admire in him.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Obo, I recon you got that about right. I feel justified in the vomit I've donated in response to the BBC, Eddie Izard and the likes.

More please

Anonymous said...

What a shameful, hateful blog.

Anonymous said...

He was a shameful, hateful man. He had the blood on his hands of hundreds of men, women and children. Yet Margaret Thatcher is still vilified for cancelling the milk. Strange how history rewrites itself.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

What a shameful, hateful blog.

On what possible basis do you post these shameful, hateful comments?

Woman on a Raft said...

Did you notice that a man was arrested by Staffordshire police for making bad-taste jokes because a Liberal Democrat councillor didn't like it and the cops were too stupid to tell him that they were not getting involved in this one?

Instead they arrested the bloke, searched his computer hoping to find some excuse or other, and then publicised that he had once been a member of the BNP, as if that was illegal.

I don't usually do swearblogging or piss on graves as I'm not very good at either, but I might have to as the police are now behaving very much like those in Turkey. At least in Turkey it is officially illegal to dis Kemal Attaturk but here, we don't even reach the abysmally low standards of formal legality that they had in Stasiland.

What on earth is going on? Do the police not understand that they are given wide powers on the condition they don't use them for trivial and irrelevant things simply because they may possibly be dragged within the circle of the law by a hysterical LD councillor who wants to parade his conscience?

One good thing - the CPS declined to help Plod out and as soon as they were asked said they would not be prosecuting. It is mealy-mouthed but it translates as "You are on your own, constable, good luck with the complaint".

The Blocked Dwarf said...

*is rather relieved to discover that he is not the only one made rather queasy by the historical airbrushing*

As another great Man, and an even greater Cunt, once said: "Warts and all".

ZDF news -which is my personal chosen means of state sponsored indoctrination (being slightly less left wing than the BEEB) did actually mention Mandela's terrorist past but with a truckload of justification suffixing..."after the White Government increased it's use of violence against the poor, persecuted Black babies, little orphans and Cripples, Mandela felt he had no choice" ,"was forced into accepting the use of violence" etc etc etc

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You're back!


Anonymous said...

Well said Obo and perfectly put.
Great to see you back by the way.

Anonymous said...

The arrest of that guy in Staffordshire goes to the very heart of the hypocrisy over Mandela.

They idolised him for his fight for freedom.

A guy exercises his freedom of speech and makes a joke about Mandela.

Lib-Dem councillor complains and the police arrest him.

There's a great take on this in "Contemporary Christ" at: