Saturday, 23 May 2015

Ireland takes it up the shitter

It's not final yet, but it looks like the bogtrotters have decided to let pooves, dykes and other assorted perverts and deviants get married.

This is great news, it's entirely unclear to me why only breeders should be allowed the misery and stress of married life. And it's also good that it looks like it will be a clear, unambiguous and wide-spread decision.

However, I do have a couple of reservations:

  • what happens if there is a different definition of marriage for straights and queers, like there is in the UK? As far as I'm concerned, if there's not actual equality, then this isn't really any different from civil partnerships.
  • why are there different definitions of marriage for different groups of people? Well, you might argue that the definition of sex between straights, gays and dykes is potentially all different, so what constitutes adultery is different. But then I might, as a straight, commit an act that is not adultery in a gay marriage but is adultery in a straight marriage. How is that equality?
  • why is the state even involved in defining and restricting what is essentially a private contract between two people? The state doesn't get involved in my business transactions (other than to extort protection money off me!), why the hell should it have anything to do with my love life? People used to let the church run the whole farce, that was no better, but the state's involvement is terrible, as it gives political parties the ability to indulge in social engineering to suit their own agenda
Anyway, here's to the impending misery of bulldykes and shirt lifters in the Emerald Isle.



Anonymous said...

I am greatly looking forward to meeting a gang of black stuff navvies and enquiring which of them is engaged to whom. I shall keep the engine running.

ReefKnot said...

How is a gay marriage consummated ?

Is a gay marriage annulled by non-consummation ?

Anonymous said...


Try answering your questions regarding the marriage of a woman to a man who has no penis (because he walked on top of a mine, for example).

Dr Evil said...

I think your take on all this is very refreshing. Nice use of language too. I do like it when messages are crystal clear. Well said. Now an aside: are you going to post more regularly? I used to be a regular reader in the mists of time.

Michael Perkins said...

shot in the dark... are you the *same* obnoxio that ran Juggaloradio dot com like 10 years ago?

Obnoxio The Clown said...