Friday, 26 June 2015

The BAME of our lives

I see that dreadful race hustler (when it's expedient) Yvette Cooper is playing "Diversity" again:

Prior to the last election there was also criticism from within the party that there was a “shameful” lack of BAME candidates in key seats. Labour currently has 23 minority ethnic MPs.

Really? Why does this matter?

With over a million ethnic minority voters choosing the Tories at the last election Labour cannot be complacent. If Labour is not representative of our voters how can we hope to keep their support?

I'm sorry, what? Are you now saying that minorities are so fucking stupid, they'll vote for the racial mix of a party, rather than their policies? If that's how it works, how do you explain George Galloway's previous electoral success?

A million ethnic minority voters voted Tory because a) Ed Miliband was a complete retard and b) Labour's policies were shit. They didn't vote Tory because the Tory party is more representative of their community.

What she's basically saying is "vote for us, and we'll make sure 'your kind of people' get their snouts into the trough, whether they're useless or not".

Well done, Yvette, you patronising, pork-barrel, Westminster-bubble fucktard.


Anonymous said...

Bang on the money again, well said, the sooner more Labour MPs and more senior Labour MPs are sent off to find proper jobs the better.

Dr Evil said...

Your analysis is correct. As usual politicians think voters are thick. They think patronising the voter will somehow make them vote Labour in this case. Most voters are not thick, they hate being patronised and will vote for a party with a manifesto if the like most of those policies. Mind you, the Labour leadership hopefuls are all dreadful.