Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I am not making this up


A council allegedly refused to clean up a dustbin that fell into a four inch stream because no-one "qualified" to wear wellington boots was available.

And ...

"I spoke to someone from the department dealing with fly-tipping and he said - and I quote - 'We don't have anyone qualified to wear wellington boots'. I said: 'But it's only four inches deep'.

"Then he said that the problem was that they also needed harnesses and ropes to stop them getting washed away."

Are they all fucking mad in Chichester?


Anonymous said...

There's a qualification for wearing wellie boots?!?

Oh, what am I saying. There's probably an A level in it, if not an NVQ...

Anonymous said...

Look, I don't know what it is that all you classical liberals and sensible people don't get, about all this safety-Nazi-rubbish.

They are, as we say in the North-West here, "avvin-a-luff" at your expense. (You really ought to have a scouse accent to say it properly.)

They HATE you. And me, and all the rest of us. They do this, "in-yer-face" (That really ought to be said by someone from "SARFF-LUNNUN", for the proper effect.)

It's all done on purpose, to insult, demoralise, upset, and finally to threaten, us.

Anonymous said...

Do these people not realise their actions could put an end to the sex lives of many Welsh people ?

Dr Evil said...

OMG, does this mean I cannot wear my wellies? Or cross the ford of the stream that runs through a nearby village (at least a foot deep and a fair current)?

If this was a sketch on a comedy show it would be thought of as way too fanciful. Perhaps these muppets were on drugs or drunk.