Thursday, 4 September 2008

Worth quoting in full

I don't want to be uncomradely or personal, but for Charles Clarke I will make an exception.

As Home Secretary, you self-serving tub of lard, you were a bloody embarrasment. Many of us up for election at the time you were making an arse of yourself will not forget that easily. So why don't you and your little chums Byers and Milburn stop behaving as if you were the conscience of the Labour Party and go back to being the blairite has beens that you are.

The chattering classes at The Guardian and New Statesman might still think your views are relevant and earth shattering, but most Party members think you are a waste of good oxygen.

-- Bob Piper, Labour Councillor for Sandwell


Anonymous said...

If Bob wants to talk his party into a decade in the wilderness, who are we to complain? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pots and kettles...

a waste of good oxygen