Wednesday 17 December 2008

David Cameron: nul points

Why is Call Me Dave so fucking useless at beating the shit out of the Gorgon, then?

Day after day, we are presented with staggering government incompetence, waste, Mugabean abuse of privilege, malicious abuse of the public's wallet and, quite frankly, treason. Any halfway competent opposition should be eating this load of shambolic cockmongers for breakfast.

And what do we get? A bunch of simpering cockmonkeys, gently fellating Gorgon's ego and entirely failing to build up the slightest pretence of any kind of coherent attack on the government. They do just enough to be able to say that they are trying to be an opposition. You can almost hear the sulky moans, though: "But it's so hard! It's not fair! Gorgon's a cheater!"

Yeah, it's all true. But real winners don't fucking stand there, beating their breasts and wailing. They get out there, and do what they fucking need to do.

And Call Me Dave is just pouting in the corner. What's the reason, do you think?

Is it that there is no real difference between Cameronism and New Labourism? Certainly, the Gorgon doesn't seem to have any problem with nicking Call Me Dave's ideas and passing them off as his own. And Call Me Dave certainly hasn't been able to portray himself as someone with a clear agenda that the Gorgon can't nick.

Is it because Call Me Dave knows how shitty the stick is that he's going to be picking up? Because the prospect certainly does exist that he will pick up a very poisonous chalice that will leave him with but one term in office when the feckless British public get tired of taking their medicine and Mandelsnake leads the dozy fuckers back into an era with no more boom and bust, honest.

Is it because Call Me Dave is actually quite cool with the idea of just earning decent wonga and a groovy pension and doesn't actually want to do the hard stuff?

Tell you what, fuck features: let me do it. You can sit on the back benches and collect your cheque, I'll fucking sort this out. I will be vastly more unpopular than Thatcher, Major, Blair and Gordon combined. But at the end of five years, this country will be a very different place.

And maybe for a while, it won't matter what the government tries to do.


Anonymous said...

If you can manage to reduce taxes, reduce public spending, and keep your hands out of my pocket, and your government out of my home, turn off the cameras and stop spying on me,get rid of the millions of non-jobs in the public sector,get the feckless of their backsides and make them make something for profit,......
then I might just consider voting for you.

DavidNcl said...

"Is it that there is no real difference between Cameronism and New Labourism?"

Essentially true. Looters both. There may be slight differences in the nature or shape of the interference in free markets, but interfere they will. In fact there seems to be a shared collective agreement to not mention - or even deny how unfree markets actually are.

The core, pivotal issue is "what is the role of the state". I, and I think you too think the role of the state should be very small or non existent. I have read recently that the home civil service alone as >1/4 million bureaucrats; yet India was managed by the Raj with just over a thousand.

I, in my madness, think that it might be possible to go from a few thousand state administrators to ten or none. But so fuck. This sort of stuff is "how many Rothbard clones can dance on a pinhead".

The real deal is crossing the chasm from millions of state employees to a few thousand that is the crucial step.

And I'm very far from convinced that the LPUK has any of the answers on how that might be achieved or anything resembling an action plan that moves us much beyond a distaste for the undeserving poor.

I've yet to see anything that indicates that the scale of LPUK proposed welfare spend, or how it intends to dismantle the regulatory state, or the how it intends to fund its commitment to paying state pensions - or the extent of that commitment.

I have blogged about this previously, those who give a toss could look here blog pimping link

Mind you I don't know how to do it either - so don't expect much in the way of clever fucking answers. I'm trying to work it out too.

Lord Elvis of Paisley said...

Sorry pal, but youre falling into the same old trap of divide and conquer and that is why I cannot vote Libertarian. It's a wasted vote, and it always will be. Do you honestly think the Libertarian party can ever garner enough support to oust Brown and the rest of the Common Purpose party? Ever?

So you have a choice. Vote Libertarian and get Brown. Vote Conservative and at leats get a fighting chance. It's your choice.

But make no mistake, there is a lot more going behind the scenes than you or I know about. I have spoken to many Conservative activists and they are aware of the issues and where the problems lie, but now is no the time to go public on these. oftly softly catchee monkey as they say.

I AM a Libertarian. But I am also a Conservative. There is a correlation in the two points of view,and we share more than you realise.

Anonymous said...

We’re heading for a revolution. We’re no longer in a democracy, it’s all a show. The insurgency in Greece is just the first sign of the endemic problem.

At some point the “young people” will stop watching x-factor and start refusing to pay their taxes on the basis that their lives have turned to shite; money is nearly worthless, they can’t even afford to buy wong-dong products like ipods and phones from china anymore and they’ve still no hope of ever owning a place to live despite the market crash.

There will be an insurgency.

DavidNcl said...

Cameron & today's Tories - your having a laugh. Broadly speaking, just a different gang of looters.

I don't think the ballot box is going to be much use here because a large portion (1/4) of the electorate is the state and an even large chunk is directly dependent on the state - who pays your wages? - (and I don't mean the dole-wallahs, that's extra).

What does it take to move that? Desperation maybe.

Look - we need to find a way to transition from millions of civil servants (bureaucrats) deciding absurd details, planning the planning of plans to thousands. The Raj was run with 1,200 civil servants.

We're in the zone of history, interesting times. Great men. Fucking terrifying, fuck Fuck FUCK!

Voting, voting - gah! That's just so trivial. It's like waking up and trying to cure your drug addiction with a haircut.

Anonymous said...

Dave seems ineffectual, waiting for his turn at the trough. His only attribute is that he is not Gordon.
Nick Griffin conveys a strong right wing message.

Anonymous said...

I fear that you might be right Obnoxio. Perhaps Dave is either happy enough at his current depth of troughing or can see the Armageddon policy that Gordon is following and has no wish to be PM as the country sinks into the mire.

£ worth less than a Euro, FFS.

defender said...

Couldnt agree more to this, I hope one day we will realise that liberterians and nationalist have more in common than not.
The time is fast approaching when alliances will have to be made. I truly look forward to that day when we can work together as a force to oppose this shit liblabcon trick.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I'm sorry, I don't buy into this BNP / Libertarian alliance crap. The BNP might be right wing, but it's just as statist and communitarian as the Labour Party. It is, to all intents and purpose the anti-EU wing of the old Labour Party, which is why the Labour Party hates it so much. It takes their voters.

defender said...

I have taken the liberty of posting this post in full on Guido, with full credit to you.
Time we stopped playing silly buggers as you have so clearly and simply stated.
There may not be a political solution to hand, but by God we have had enough of the pretence. We will be heard, all of us regardless of party or strength who have simply had enough and demand change.