Monday 9 March 2009

Great newspaper links of our time

I am not making this up:

Tip of the clown wig to Gweeds.


Mark Wadsworth said...


How did you stumble across that?

WV: extrem

Anoneumouse said...

How do you do it? We bloggers need to know!

Anonymous said...

It's a bit of a hoax, but a great wheeze. Just put your message to our great leader right at the end:

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck, it won't scroll so you cannot see _his_hogseye.html. is also fun, enter, and we get Gordon "Bastard" Brown 'should say sorry' over economy

Development minister Lord "Cuntcleaner" Malloch Brown has smacked for an explicit apology from the Prime "Spunksupper" Minister over the credit crisis.

Plato said...

Charlotte Gore broke the story as an 'exclusive' about 17:30 before it turned out to be an interweb spoof.

Great box-office.

An urban myth of the highest order - bravo encore bravo!

Gendeau said...

So, it's kind of good news / bad news then?

The good news is that anytime I send a suitable link, I can doctor it appropriately

The bad news? I loved the original concept just a little too much

Fidothedog said...

Well done that paper for putting out what everyone is thinking.

the ink slinger said...



Obnoxio The Clown said...

Hey ho ... it was good while it lasted! :o)