Wednesday, 10 March 2010

I AM Mystic Meg, Bob

Christ, you can smell the testosterone in the union camp, can't you? They've got the Labour party hog-tied spread-eagled over a barrel, a ball-gag in the mouth and the gimp is locked in the other room:

Bob Crow said he wasn't Mystic Meg but he wouldn't book rail travel for Easter.

No, you bald-headed fucking blubbery cunt, you're not Mystic Meg. She doesn't look like a fucking badly-packed kebab and you do.

Easter rail travel is under threat from three industrial disputes which could halt trains in the first national rail strike for 16 years.

Signalmen, maintenance staff and supervisors are all poised to strike in disputes over job losses, pay and changes to working practices.

I wouldn't travel anywhere by train over Easter anyway, Bob, because that's when Notwork Rail cunts up the entire railway network by digging the fuck out of it.

But happy striking, you cunts. It will be no fucking loss if the train operating companies go tits up and you fuckers all lose your jobs, you stinking cunts.

And Bob, I genuinely do hope you die an agonizing death. Face cancer would be first prize, but a wrecked train full of RMT "members" would be a fucking delight of irony.


Furor Teutonicus said...

She doesn't look like a fucking badly-packed kebab

I bet she would be like shagging one though.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Heh, funny that two of the last, once great, Unions are trying to piss on NuLabia's chips now that it's no longer a foregone conclusion that NuLab are finished, no Bob, you definately aren't Mystic Meg, because the Mandelsnake will have your balls on a plate if they get back in. Bob has no doubt watched Tata putting a chain on the gate every time the Steelworkers try it on, and foolishly thought "They wouldn't dare try it with us"

Dear Bob, what does pride come before? hee hee

Anonymous said...

If the Labour party is hogtied, how can it be spreadeagled over a barrel?

Just wondered.

Anonymous said...

The ropes pass under the barrel.