Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Il Postino

Well, isn't this another monstrous pile of cunt?

Under the terms of a new three year Royal Mail pay deal, which has been criticised for allowing postmen to get paid more for working less, letters and parcels will be delivered one hour later - 3pm in towns and cities and 4pm in the countryside.

Customers? Who gives a fuck about them, eh? And it gets better:

Separately, householders could also be deluged by a blizzard of junk mail after the two sides agreed plans to expand the amount of junk mail which postmen can deliver.

Listen you fucking mongs, why don't you drop the pretence and just wipe your lazy, smelly, fat arses on our post before you shove through the wrong fucking door. Oh, hang on, that's what you do now.

Useless cunts.


Oleuanna said...

APPLAUDS....nice morning rant

RantinRab said...

When I was a lad, my pals and I would play 'chap door run away'. It was a hoot.

I think it's called 'parcel-force' these days.

increasinglymiffed said...

I'm going to start walking round the corner and dumping all the junk mail they deliver in the post box. Everyone should do that.

Fidel Cuntstruck said...

Remember to black out the license number on the postmark, and your name and address - then they can back charge the sender for tracing and returning it.

g1lgam3sh said...

For extra giggles swap the contents around into the different envelopes.

w/v shit